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Malcolm Newbould
Malcolm John Newbould was an ex-employee of R&L Coins, but...

What is the connection between Bradshaw & Darlington, Brian Fielding, Malcolm Newbould, and Edward VIII? When we get a few spare moments, we will answer this question here.
In the last month of his employment with us as a manager, he made a delivery on our behalf to and old-established customer Bradshaw & Darlington of Birkenhead. While there, he purchased on his own account, and in direct competition with us, a quantity of scrap silver. He then sold the scrap silver parcel to another well-known local dealer, Brian Fielding of Blackpool, who sold the parcel to us. In Brian's charming, but perhaps slightly naive way, he told us he had bought it from Malcolm.
In the parcel, there were a number of items which we could clearly recognise and identify as being product lines which we knew could only have come from Bradshaw & Darlington. We spoke to Bradshaw & Darlington, who agreed they had bought them from Malcolm (we were slightly disappointed in their actions), while he was still our employee. We consider that Malcolm's actions in this occasion were inconsistent with his employment and position with our company, and were dishonest. As he had already left our employment when we became fully aware of the situation, there was little we could, in practice, do about it, except remember!
We never confronted Malcolm with the fact that we knew about this incident, and we guess he thought he was clever to have got away with it. As one of our old bank managers once told us, "everybody has their price". Malcolm's was clearly quite low.

We happened to look at this page on 30th April 2009, and found a recent obituary stating:
Suddenly at home on February 12, 2009. Malcolm John, aged 57 years of Thornton Cleveleys. "He will be sadly missed by all his many friends and Masonic Brethren"
If you remember or wish to discuss the character above, we be pleased to hear from you!

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