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Gold Coins, Education and General Knowledge

Collecting coins, including gold ones, can be very educational in many aspects and directions. We also advise gold investors and collectors to learn and understand as much as possible, for a number of reasons.

Educational Aspect of Coins

These include:
  • Geography

  • Give a child a bagful of old foreign coins, and you may be able to stimulate their interest in learning where they come from, and about the countries and world regions where they were issued and used.

  • History

  • Much, possibly most, of what we know about the history of the past 2,500 years has been indicated or confirmed by numismatic finds. The inscriptions and designs on coins are often very informative. The location of coin and hoard finds gives historians evidence about cultures where written records may not exist, or be unreliable.

  • Art

  • Coins, being made of metal, provide a durable and lasting canvas for artists, sculptors, and engravers. Reviewing the changing quality of design and engraving is enlightening.

  • Metallurgy

  • On a basic level, just learning about the different metals and alloys used in coins can be instructive. Die cracks, and flan flaws are also interesting.

  • Arithmetic

  • A pocketful of small change could help children to count, and to inspire an interest in numbers.

  • Maths

  • Different number and base systems necessitate a better understanding of numbers and mathematics. Until 1971, Great Britain and many Commonwealth countries used the .s.d system, with 12 pennies to the shilling, 20 shillings to the pound, and therefore 240 pennies per pound.

  • Economics

  • By looking at an old coin which contained gold or silver, then compare its face value with its intrinsic metal content, and you should start to question why we have inflation, and why the value of fiat money almost always goes down. The same can also apply to base metal coins, where the value of their copper or nickel value now exceeds the face value.

  • Investment

  • Again, comparing intrinsic metal content values against face value can be instructive, especially in regard to older, perhaps obsolete coins.

  • Financial

  • Coins are money.

  • Social

  • How people use coins can be instructive.

  • Political

  • Currency unions have existed in the past, and still do. Even studying coins of a single stable country can teach us about politics.

  • Legal

  • Try to find and understand the definition of "legal tender"; it is quite a challenge, and that is just a starter.

  • Languages and Linguistics

  • Many coins have inscriptions written in English, but Latin has and is still commonly used. Most countries inscribe their coins in their own national language, some in two or three different languages.

  • Trade and Commerce

  • Since ancient times, coins from one country have travelled to and been accepted or exchanged in other distant countries.

  • Travel

  • Looking at a world map to see where coins originated or were used can inspire an interest in travel.

  • Religion

  • Many coins contain religious mottos or symbols. There is still debate in the U.S.A. about whether "In God We Trust" should appear on its coins. We would prefer "In GOLD We Trust".

  • Psychology

  • From ancient times, symbols and words on coins have provided propaganda for governments, kings, dictators, or other coin issuers.

Investors and Education

We recommend investors, and would be investors, to do some research for themselves. Our sites contain reams of advice and information. We debunk many myths and much propaganda spread by journalists and vested interests. We believe a knowledgeable and educated investor, whether buyer or seller, would choose to deal with us, and to avoid a large number of traps and pitfalls they might encounter dealing with some of our less open competitors. Sure, this sometimes means we have to work a little harder to earn our living, but we are not afraid of hard work.

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