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Buy Gold Info Jeevan Nagar ( & Copyright Theft
Buy Gold Info Jeevan Nagar ( of Bangalore India is yet another dishonest website who has used our copyright images without permission.


Copyright Theft is Dishonest - Can You Trust This Site?
Using other people's copyright images is illegal, it is dishonest, and it is unethical. Using the hard work of a fellow dealer or website owner to sell the same goods or advice in competition with him or her demonstrates an extremely low standard of ethics. We would not recommend anybody to transact business with this person or company.

What's Wrong?
Buy Gold Info are using at least one of our high quality copyright gold bar photographs on their "Gold Investment" page, (shown here), and possibly others.
This image is our copyright property, and is being used without our permission.
Who would have thought such honest and respectable people would resort to stealing images from their competitors?
There is no "About Us" page.
Even if Jeevan Nagar has any expertise about gold or investments, how could any potential investor have any trust or faith in his advice?

Buy Gold Info's "About Us" Page
Buy Gold Info do not have an "About Us" page!
We ask how can you expect to trust someone who does not even tell you their name?

Buy Gold Info's Home Page
Buy Gold Info's Home or Index page reads:

Buy gold online
Gold has been considered as a priceless metal that provides good bullion exchange rate. Ever since history of kings and queens, gold has been a precious source of wealth. It is seen that many kings used gold as a part of their currency. However, this tradition did not last long for many years as it soon gave way to paper and other metal currency due its cheap availability in comparison of gold coins. In the present day world, the importance of gold jewelry and coins is as popular as it was in ancient age. Therefore, for the purpose of investments, gold is considered to be a good option in comparison of liquidity and shares as both tend to lose their value during inflation in the share market and in rising oil prices. Therefore, gold is the unique way of investing money as it can provide profit during cash transactions.
With the arrival of the Internet, one can access the online stores that provide home shopping solutions at affordable prices. Yet, before buying jewelry or gold coins from the online shopping stores, one should make sure its genuine deal. The biggest problem while shopping online is that one is not able to interact with the buyer who is selling the product. Therefore, one should buy the gold item only when the buyer is satisfied with the credentials of the seller and its genuine guarantee of the certified gold items. Thus, if you are sure about the purity of the item, it will help you managing your investments in an easy manner.

Gold Investment Page
Buy Gold Info's "Gold Investment" page reads:

Gold Investment
Considering gold for investment is nothing new for any of us as this has been continuing since ancient times. Gold is something that has fascinated and obsessed almost all of us because of its value and beauty. It has been used for investment purposes from the Egyptian era. Till today, it is taken to be a standard for monetary exchanges by several countries.
The choices available in gold investment are:
Gold coins or bars: These gold bars are normally of the size 12.5 kg or 1 kg. Purchasing of gold bars is a cost effective way of investing money. On the other hand gold coins are also very popular and the prices of gold bullion coins are determined depending on their weight. The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, the South African Krugerrand, American Gold Buffalo and the American Gold Eagle are some of the most common bullion gold coins.
Accounts: These refer to an obligation by the issuing institute that you have to deliver the quantity of gold that has been stated when demanded from you. These gold accounts are supported by allocated unallocated gold storage.
Certificates: The investor of gold can have an ownership certificate. These certificates allow the investor to sell or buy gold without any necessity to store the real gold.
Gold stocks: GETF's or Gold exchange-traded funds are purchased and sold in the form of shares. A certain amount of commission is taken for trading of gold stock. The advantage of these stocks is that, this way you can avert the sales tax which would otherwise be applied to physical gold bars or coins.

Our Opinion
"Buy Gold Info" is yet another of the recent epidemic of hastily hacked out almost meaningless sites, set up to sell advertising, and with little or no expertise about the subject. Most of the text on the site will have been found elsewhere on the internet, and copied or possibly slightly edited. Obviously most of the images on the site are sourced elsewhere, and without their owners permission.
Avoid this site, and all similar sites.
Jeevan Nagar should have the courage to publish his name clearly on his site, and to state his expertise. We strongly suspect that he has little expertise, and is therefore simply a charlatan and a crook.

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"Jeevan Nagar" owns about 144 other domains

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Buy Gold Info's Gold Investment Page

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