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The Natura Series
The South African Mint produces a series of "Natura" coins, starting in 1994, each of the four different sized coins bears a different attractive design based on the theme for that year. The first five years formed a series within the Natura theme, known as the "Big Five". From 1999, there was a new series "Monarchs of Africa".

Fine Gold
The gold coins in the Natura series are struck in 24 carat gold, actually .9999, and are South Africa's first fine gold coins.

We can probably do no better than to quote the information on the certificate which accompanies the set:-

2001 Natura
The Oryx (gemsbok) - Prince of the Kalahari - is the theme in the Sought African Mint's outstanding "Monarchs of Africa" series. For 2001, the Oryx (Gemsbok) is strikingly portrayed on the Natura coins. The head of the Oryx (Gemsbok) appears on the obverse of all four sizes of the series. The antelope's main habitat, the desert, is illustrated through formalistic elements such as graphic lines and "dune-like" lettering on all the coins. Different scenes from the antelope's life are depicted on the reverse of the coins.
The legal tender Natura coin series was introduced in 1994 as South Africa's first 24 carat (999.9Au) gold coins. The South African Mint has received various international awards for this unique series. Following on the success of the "Big Five" themes from 1994 - 1998, the "Monarchs of Africa" theme was introduced in 1999. The South African antelope, the Kudu as King of the Antelope, and the Sable as "Queen of the Antelope", featured on the Natura coins of 1999 and 2000 respectively.
The Gemsbok (Oryx Gazella) antelope ranks amongst the most handsome in Africa with their long rapier-like horns, black and white face patterns and horse-like brown tails which contrast with their pale coloured bodies. These splendid creatures with their robust and proud bearing are massively built and thick-necked. Their colouration ensures maximum reflection of heat away from their bodies and absorbs very little of the intense heat which is reflected off the bare sand covering much of the area in which these animals occur.
Gemsbok generally form mixed herds of ten to fifteen animals. The size of the herd is dependent on food availability, which in turn is often dependent on the seasons. They are almost exclusively grazers but will survive by browsing from small bushes and eating small herbs if necessary. Gemsbok are also well adapted to going without drinking water for long periods but will drink regularly if standing water is available. In order to gain as much water as possible from their food, gemsbok will dig out succulent roots and bulbs and also eat fruit, such as the African tsama melon.
Although they are very shy and quick to move when approached, these antelopes are bold, brave and very quick to use their horns when wounded or cornered. The lion and spotted hyenas are most cautious when attacking the gemsbock. When attacked the gemsbock often backs into a thorny bush in order to protect its rear and then defends itself from the predators with sweeps and thrusts of its long horns for hours at a time if necessary.
The South African Mint proudly pays tribute to The Gemsbock - Prince of the Kalahari.

Gemsbock Facts
Other names: Oryx, Beisa, or Oryx Gazella.
Total length: 1.98 - 2.16 metres.
Tail length: 46 cms.
Shoulder height: 1.2 metres.
Weight - females 210 kgs.
Weight - males 240 kgs.
Horn length average: 85 cms.
Record horn length: 121.9 cms.
Reproduction: A single calf born after some 264 days.

Technical Specifications
The following tables summarise the specifications of all the sizes.
SizeDiameterWeightFinenessGold Content Gold Content
 mms.Grams/1.000GramsTroy Ounces
Total 57.547.999957.5421.85

Artists and Diesinkers
Obverse Die-SinkerA. L. SutherlandA. L. SutherlandA. L. SutherlandA. L. Sutherland
Obverse ArtistN. van NiekerkN. van NiekerkN. van NiekerkN. van Niekerk
Reverse Die-SinkerA. MinnieP. BotesM. J. ScheepersC. Moses
Reverse ArtistN. van NiekerkN. van NiekerkN. van NiekerkN. van Niekerk

Complete Boxed Natura Gold Proof Sets
2001Oryx (Gemsbok)700

Key to Table
Mintage: Most recent figures quoted in Krause.

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Canada Airmail $15, Insured Shipping via Fedex $60

Obverse of 2001 Proof Natura One Ounce Coin
Obverse of 2001 Proof One Ounce Gold Natura Coin

Natura Proof Sets

South Africa Index

Reverse of 2001 Proof One Ounce Natura Gold Coin
Reverse of 2001 Proof One Ounce Natura Gold Coin

Box of 2001 Proof Natura Gold Set
Box of 2001 Proof Natura Gold Set


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