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1960 South Africa Golden Jubilee Gold Medallion
Issued in 1960, this gold medallion may well have been the ancestor of the Krugerrand. Issued by the Transvaal & Orange Free State Chamber of Mines, and containing an ounce of .996 fine gold. As can be seen from the table below, the Chamber of Mines, which issued this medallion, changed its name in 1968. The krugerrand which was introduced in 1967, is also issued by the very same Chamber of Mines, and contains a troy ounce of fine gold.
In addition, one side of the medallion features a pair of springboks, an animal which appears on the reverse of the krugerrand.

Chamber of Mines
The Chamber of Mines has undergone a number of name changes in its history. The name changes and the applicable periods are as follows:

  • 1889-1896 Witwatersrand Chamber of Mines
  • 1897-1901 Chamber of Mines of the South African Republic
  • 1902-1952 Transvaal Chamber of Mines
  • 1953-1967 Transvaal and Orange Free State Chamber of Mines
  • 1968 - Chamber of Mines of South Africa
One side of this medallion shows a pair of springbok, with the legend (inscription):
GOLDEN 1910 - 1960 JUBILEE

The other side has a modern tower building, although we are not sure whether it is an office building or one used in the production, refining or storage of gold, with the legend:

Fine Gold
From the last part of this inscription, it is clear that this medal was struck in 99.6% pure gold, and weighs one ounce. We checked its weight, and recalculated its content, and as expected, the stated weight is slightly conservative. It is fairly standard practice to allow a positive tolerance.

1910 - 1960 South Africa Gold Jubilee Gold MedallionI.M.2256.5 mms31.25 grams.9961.0007

Diameter = Diameter in millimetres.
Weight = Weight in grams.
Alloy = Fineness of gold.
AGW = Actual gold content in troy ounces of pure gold.

Price & Availability
DescriptionReferenceGradeAvailabilityPrice £Price $
South Africa One Ounce Gold MedallionI.M.22About UncirculatedYes£495$990

Prices & Availability
We are always happy to buy and sell gold medals and medallions. Prices fluctuate according to a number of factors including gold bullion prices, condition, supply and demand.
Please contact us if there is a gold medallion you wish to buy or sell.

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Obverse of 1960 South Africa Gold Medallion
Obverse of 1960 South Africa Gold Medallion

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Reverse of 1960 South Africa Gold Medallion
Reverse of 1960 South Africa Gold Medallion


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