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Copyright Theft
Perhaps we should be flattered by the number of people including dealers who continually infringe our IP (Intellectual Property) rights by using our copyright images, but we do not find it amusing, and will take legal action against any copyright thieves.

Which Offshore of London (
Which Offshore of London ( are just one of the many coin dealers and websites worldwide who commit copyright theft by using our copyright images without our permission.

What's Wrong?
Which Offshore of London ( have used our high quality 2004 Proof One Ounce Gold Britannia reverse photograph on their website.
We invest a great amount of time and energy into creating the best photographic coin images on the internet. It helps to promote our "brand", and many people recognise our photographs because of their high quality and other recognisable characteristics.
When other dealers or pseudo-experts use them to help create their own website, it dilutes our brand identity. It may also help to fool reader that the website they are looking at is one with high professional and aesthetic standards. Often the reality is that they are looking at some cheapo, hacked-out ad farm, written by ignorami.

Which Offshore About Us Page

About Us
Which Offshore is a free information resource for all English speaking people living abroad.
Researched and written by a group of expatriates and internationally minded people, we pride ourselves on delivering the facts, information and advice required to make your life in a foreign country a true success.
Whether you are a retiree seeking a quieter lifestyle, a younger person taking on a new challenge or a family in search of a better environment to raise children, Which Offshore is your first resource for the valuable and independent information you need to know.
Our mission is to help you to take full advantage of the opportunities available to you as expatriates. To do this, we fill our site with genuinely helpful content, specialized to your unique situation. We actively work to eliminate common misunderstandings and confusions. All this knowledge we provide for free, because we firmly believe that this information should be accessible to everyone.
We are also 100% independently owned and operated. Being expats ourselves, we’re sympathetic to the need for fact-based, unbiased information. This is why everything on our site is based on independent and impartial research. For these reasons, you can trust that any advice or information offered on Which Offshore is there because it can be of genuine use to you. We have dedicated a large portion of the website to providing you with expert international and expatriate financial information. As many people move abroad to achieve greater prosperity in the first place, we feel it is important to help illuminate the world of offshore finance. Understanding, organising and optimising your financial world will be one of the most challenging and important things you do as an expat. We strive to make the lesser-known financial opportunities accessible and easy to understand so that you may make the most of your life abroad.
We are devoted to being as transparent as possible with regards to our site, ethics, principles and how we generate the money to keep Which Offshore up and running. Through our integrity and expertise, we strive to earn your trust and become the largest and most established source for impartial expatriate information and advice online.

Which Offshore Gold Demand Page

CGT threat increases demand for gold coins
in Financial News June 2010
With a rise in capital gains tax to be announced in the forthcoming emergency budget, people are scrambling to get legal tender bullion coins, as the coins are exempt from CGT.
This increased demand has led to gold dealers struggling to meet the orders, with Britannia coins and gold sovereign now becoming increasingly difficult to source. Esteemed gold dealers the likes of Baird & Co and ATS Bullion have bemoaned the short supply, Baird and Co have had to inform customers that there will be no more gold until August and ATS Bullion, who buy gold from the public, said “In the last couple of weeks, supply has been drying up because people hold on to what they've got in a situation like this.”
There is even less gold coming in from abroad as European investors have been hoarding the precious metal due to uncertainty surrounding sovereign debt in the eurozone, as unlike currency gold offers a much safer investment. Another English gold dealer, Chard, said; “We buy quite a lot of our gold from Europe, and among the Europeans at the moment demand is much higher than it is in the UK. European dealers don't have anything to sell to us at all. We have a backlog of orders at the moment for sovereigns and Krugerrands”.
Back in the UK experts feel that the proposed CGT raise is playing a big role in the collective gold hoarding. With GCT (sic) affecting the sales of shares and property UK investors see the CGT free bullion as a safer form of investing: “We have a lot of people materialising capital gains on existing bullion and moving into gold coins that wouldn't be subject to capital gains, such as sovereigns and Britannias”, said Mr Baird.

What's Wrong?
It's bad enough Which Offshore using our 2004 proof One Ounce Gold Britannia obverse photograph on their Gold Demand page without our consent, but then then go on to quote our two main (London based) competitors, giving them both some free publicity, and fail to give us a credit or link for the use of our photograph.
Although What Offshore may not be aware, both of these competitors have used our photos without our consent in the past, and Baird still do.
What Offshore also claim to be transparent about their sources, and their About Us page cites "ethics, principles...our integrity and expertise, we strive to earn your trust..."

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Our 2004 Proof One Ounce Gold Britannia Reverse Photograph
Our 2004 Proof One Ounce Gold Britannia Reverse Photograph


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