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Copyright Theft
Perhaps we should be flattered by the number of people including dealers who continually infringe our IP (Intellectual Property) rights by using our copyright images, but we do not find it amusing, and will take legal action against any copyright thieves.

Sovereigns Net (
Sovereigns Net of Halesowen
The registrant is shown not as a person, but as 18 The Longcroft
We believe that Roger Mills is trading, in that he is using his website to create advertising revenue.
A small selection from his website:

Britannia Bullion Coins Page

Britannia Bullion Coins
Due many to the large success of the South African Krugerrand 1oz one ounce bullion coin which was first Introduced in 1967, Britain decided to started producing it's (sic) own range. The British version was first minted in 1987 and as they bear the impression of Britannia this is what they become known as. The 1oz Britannia Gold Coin has a face value of 100 and weighs in at one troy ounce1. On the 10th anniversary of the gold Britannia's (sic) a new design was struck, also due to the continued success of the gold coin the new Silver Britannia Coins were introduced.
There is a wide selection of 1oz one ounce bullion coins available today due to many countries now producing them, all of which carry a very low premium over the spot price of gold. It is down to personal choice as to which one you choice (sic) to buy. However we believe that as well as Gold Sovereigns, the British Britannia Coin has to also be considered as one of the best options available due to its wonderful design and beauty. There are four different sizes of Gold Britannia coins to collect as well as four different sizes of Silver Britannia Coins.

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Sovereigns.Net Home or Index Page
Gold Sovereigns Bullion Coins
Gold sovereigns and half sovereign coins are some of the most widely traded semi-numismatic gold coins in the world. They are also the official coinage of English Royalty and since been first minted to honour Henry VII in 1489 they have been issued for all English Kings and Queens since2.
The first design to be used showed a highly structured Tudor rose and a large shield. Five more sovereigns were struck during the rain (sic) of Henry VII, each depicts with (sic) a different front and back. Sovereigns have since been issued by Henry VIII and Edward VI, Mary and Elizabeth I also issued fine sovereigns.
With no denomination value printed (sic) on them, British Sovereign Coins and half sovereigns are unique among other coins and currency which had a face value3. Instead It's (sic) value was tied in with the pound Sterling which inturn (sic) was tied into the gold standard of 3 / 17s /10 1/2d for a standard ounce of gold. It contained just one pounds worth of gold which is 20 shillings4, with22 (sic) carat gold weighing in at 0.2354 troy oz, which is just a fraction under 1/4oz. This was the reason it quickly became the preferred and enthusiastically accepted means of paying for goods by the various merchants around the world.
Production of Sovereigns stopped in 19915 due to the rise in the price of gold. The gold in sovereigns was worth more than the face value of the coins. 1933 was the first year in over a hundred that no sovereigns were produced throughout the whole empire.
Sovereign gold coins are also recognized worldwide and have been used as crisis money for many years. Allied World War II pilots had to carry British Sovereigns in their kit and still did even during the Desert Storm campaign. USA pilots and the British SAS also carried Sovereign coins as money in case they crash landed in Iraq. British Sovereign gold coins are portable, and offer an instantly recognisable currency worldwide.
Gold proof sovereigns dies are specially produced to a much higher standard, these coins are usually struck twice with the special dies. The most common understanding of proof is that the flat background of the coins have a highly polished mirror like finish, the raised parts of the design have a matt finish.
Coin collecting is a hobby that can last you a life time (sic). Collecting coins does not really require any special skills to begin or require a great investment. It can be enjoyed by children and seniors alike. The success of your collection is completely based on yourself (sic) and your own goals. You can determine your own level of comfort in regards to cost and the time invested and even the seriously disabled can still enjoy the rewards that coin collecting brings. Whether you are a child that enjoys digging through your parents change for treasures, or a seasoned coin collector, it can be a wonderful and very fulfilling hobby.
For the more serious collectors or investors, it can also be a great source of significant income. Many people collect Sovereign coins for the investment opportunities they bring. Most older coins were created using gold or silver which gives them a collectible value as well as the metal content value. It is easy to see by looking at the historical prices of metals that significant gains can be made here. Take for instance, if the price of gold was set at 200 per ounce and you bought a 1 ounce gold coin just a few years ago, you can make significant gains if you sold it today at over 600 per ounce.
For the more serious collector with more capital and a good knowledge of which coins to invest in, Gold Sovereigns collecting brings opportunities for a very lucrative hobby. Due to a limited mintage of a coin the set value can be quite high, sometimes into thousands of pounds or more for one Sovereign. When coins were produced, sometimes certain irregularities were sent into circulation by mistake before anyone noticed the error. These coins can be highly valuable and sought after because of their unique and rare nature.

Notes & Corrections

  1. No. One ounce gold Britannias do not weigh in at one troy ounce. The contain one troy ounce of fine gold. Because they are made of 22 carat gold, they weight 24/22 of an ounce.
  2. Sovereigns were not minted for all English Kings and Queens since 1489. None were issued for Charles I, Charles II, James II, William III or Mary II, Anne, George I, or George II.
  3. Sovereigns and half sovereigns are not unique in having no "face value" (denomination) stated. Many other coins were issued by many countries, over thousands of years without an inscribed denominational value. Some still are, gold five pounds and two pounds spring to mind.
  4. A sovereign did not used to contain one pounds worth of gold. The actual intrinsic value contained was about 19s.8d. (nineteen shillings and eight pence), approximately 0.985; although Roger Mills is nearly correct, we believe any author of an expert advice website should get it right rather than nearly right.
  5. Production of sovereigns did not stop in 1991. Why Roger Mills states this remains a complete mystery to us, and misleading to any reader.

Whois Updated
We e-mailed Nominet with our concerns about the false claim about "non-trading individual", and in due course, we note they have added his contact details:

18 The Longcroft
Halesowen, West Midlands B63 4HJ
Created on: 07-May-03
Expires on: 07-May-11
Last Updated on: 23-Apr-10
Administrative Contact:
Mills, Roger
18 The Longcroft
Halesowen, West Midlands B63 4HJ
+44.07894521048 Fax -- .44
Technical Contact:
Mills, Roger
18 The Longcroft
Halesowen, West Midlands B63 4HJ
+44.7894521048b Domain servers in listed order:

"18 The Longcroft" owns about 5 other domains

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We have shown our own image so that you can compare.

Other Images
We are not the only website from whom Roger Mills has purloined photographs. In his "Sovereigns For Sale" page, there are eight images we recognise as being taken from ATS Bullion, one of our London competitors (and friends).

Our Opinion
We have a very low opinion of other dealers who steal our images, and use them to compete with us. It is dishonest. We could sue these people, possibly for thousands of dollars, but it costs time and money, and even though we would win and be awarded costs, we might not be able to recover the costs if the copyright thieves turned out to be impecunious or insolvent. That's why we have decided to give these crooks some free advertising our our website, something which we do not normally provide even for payment.
Sovereigns Net are not dealers, so we are more restrained in our thoughts about them. It does appear to us, however, that the site is unlikely to be run purely for the benefit of the public, and we presume that it is financed by income from advertising, links, sponsorship, or similar, in which case, it is a commercial site. While we have found a quote from, and credit to, one of our websites, we can find no acknowledgement or credit for the photographs which have been used on the site.
As the site promotes other dealers, via advertising and other links, we consider that our photographs are being used in an unfair commercial manner, to the benefit of the site owners and its advertisers, other sponsors, and possible by its named contributors.
The owner pretends to have a degree of expert knowledge about gold sovereigns, but has clearly simply gleaned or copied most of his material from elsewhere, often very badly, adding typo's and spelling errors in the process.
Sovereigns.Net is yet another pseudo-expert advice website authored or edited by people who know little or nothing about their specialist subject.
Sovereigns.Net is actually a Google advert farm and eBay portal masquerading as a site offering independent expert advice.

Most of the pages of appear to have been inspired by similar pages on our own website, although they appear to have been cunningly disguised by re-writing them in pidgin English. We guess the sites author is a Spanish or Kriol speaker.

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Please see our "Copyright" page for further information.

Copyright Infringements Remedies
Our suggested draft remedies for copyright abusers dependent on category - competitors, bloggers, pseudo-expert & advice sites acting as eBay & Google portals, eBay & other auction site sellers.

Other Copyright Abuse

Other Copyright Abuse

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All comments about copyright also cover content of all our other websites including, but not limited to:-

Sovereigns Net Index Page
Sovereigns Net Index Page

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Reverse of 2005 One Ounce Silver Proof Britannia
Reverse of 2005 One Ounce Silver Proof Britannia


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