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paws2doors in eBay Copyright Theft
eBay seller paws2doors of "UK, United Kingdom", not only stole our 1900 Solid Gold Sovereign image without permission, but failed to inform buyers that the coin pictured was not the same as he was selling. He also described his coin as in excellent condition, which it may or may not be.
Many coin owners and eBay sellers appear to delude themselves. We wonder who he is trying to fool?

High eBay Feedback is No Guarantee of Integrity or Honesty
When we wrote this page, this eBay member's feedback was 1,136; with 100% positive according to eBay.
This makes him another new entrant to our eBay High Feedback Copyright Thieves League Table.

Sample Listing - 1

Gold Sovereign Full 22ct QueenVictoria (sic) Veiled head1900 (sic)
Beautiful 22 carat Gold Queen Victoria Veiled Head full Sovereign dated 1900 Excellent condition

Sample Listing - 2 & 3

Gold Sovereign Full 22 ct Queen Elizabeth II 1974
Beautiful 22 carat Gold Rare Elizabeth II full Sovereign dated 1974 Excellent condition

Seller IDItem NumberDateDescriptionPrice
paws2doors 37024443087012th Aug 2009Gold Sovereign Full 22ct QueenVictoria Veiled head1900£99
paws2doors 37024441982312th Aug 2009Gold Sovereign Full 22 ct Queen Elizabeth II 1974£99
paws2doors 37024441949612th Aug 2009Gold Sovereign Full 22 ct Queen Elizabeth II 1974£99

What's Wrong?
We invest a great deal of time, effort, and cost into creating some of the best photographic coin images on the internet. We strongly object when lazy and dishonest people decide to use them without a by your leave or thanks, doing so in competition with us.
Copyright theft is dishonest. We recommend you avoid doing business with dishonest dealers.
This particular eBay seller not only stole our images of a 1900 Victoria Gold Sovereign, he used it to sell his own coin on eBay. He did not seem to think it was worth mentioning to potential buyers that the high quality photographs of near mint condition coins were not his own photographs, and not the same coins as he was offering for sale. This is almost certainly illegal in the UK under the Trade Description Act, although it appears to happen on a daily basis on eBay.
It's possible he is ignorant of such fine points, or just plain ignorant.

It is always possible, even likely, that sellers who steal photographs do not own a similar coin, and have the intention to totally defraud potential buyers.
The vendor is not only cheating us by stealing our copyright images, he is fraudulently or ignorantly misleading and deceiving all potential buyers. Gaining pecuniary advantage by deception is the definition of fraud.

The seller was asking a starting price of £99 each for his coins.

eBay Guilty of Negligence or Complicity
We will be reporting this example of copyright abuse using our standard Statutory Declaration via the eBay VeRO programme, and wait to see if they chose to action or ignore our report. We look forward to taking legal action against eBay for their negligence and / or complicity if they fail to take down the offending material promptly.

Copyright Notice
Please see our "Copyright" page for further information.

Copyright Infringements Remedies
Our suggested draft remedies for copyright abusers dependent on category - competitors, bloggers, pseudo-expert & advice sites acting as eBay & Google portals, eBay & other auction site sellers.

Other Copyright Abuse

Other Copyright Abuse

Buying Gold Coins & Bars on eBay

Selling Gold Coins & Bars on eBay

Copyright Thieves on eBay
We already have a page naming and shaming dealers using our images without permission. It's time we did the same for eBay, although if we include them all, this could be a very long page.

Alphabetical Listing of Other Copyright Theft Sites

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Other Web Sites
All comments about copyright also cover content of all our other websites including, but not limited to:-

paws2doors  eBay Listing for Gold Sovereign Full 22ct QueenVictoria Veiled head1900
paws2doors eBay Listing for Gold Sovereign Full 22ct QueenVictoria Veiled head1900

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