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Mocatta & Goldsmid
The London Gold Fix has been a regular feature of the international gold market since Friday, September 12, 1919, when the five gold pool members met for the first time, at the premises of the London merchant bank N.M. Rothschild, and with Rothschild as the chairman.

Brief History of Mocatta & Goldsmid as London Bullion Market Member

  • 1671 Founded in Camomile Street by Moses Mocatta
  • 1677 Moved to Mansell Street
  • 1710 Abraham Mocatta admitted as a broker on the Royal Exchange
  • 1767 Known as Mocatta & Keyser with offices in Grigsby's coffee house
  • 1783 Admission of Asher Goldsmid to the firm led to its being renamed Mocatta & Goldsmid. Offices in the Bank of England. 9 generations presided over the firm.
  • Since 1976 only, when Edward 'Jock' Mocatta died, no member of the family has been actively involved in the company.
  • 1970s Known as the Mocatta Group. Becomes subsidiary of Standard Chartered Bank
  • 1992 Becomes full division of Standard Chartered
  • 1997 Acquisition by Bank of Nova Scotia of Mocatta Bullion from Standard Charted, forming a global bullion division, Scotia Mocatta

Rothschild Gold Bars
We sell Rothschild gold bars, when we can get them. The withdrawal of Rothschild from the gold market has intensified interest from collectors of their bars.

Another Market Maker Leaves
Shortly after the Rothschild surprise, another market maker AIG also quit as a market maker.

London gold fix prices can be found on the site of the LBMA, the London Bullion Market Association.

Gold Price Future - Up or Down?

Update 4th June 2001

Mocatta & Goldsmid 50 Gram Gold Bar

Rothschild 50 Gram Gold Bar

Gold Bullion Bars


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