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Misleading Adverts
We notice a large number of adverts relating to gold, or coins, investment, jewellery, or scrap, which are rather misleading with errors, inaccuracies.
We don't have time to list them all, but here is a small selection:-

Roadshow Gold and Silver Cash Buyers
Every day of every week, there are travelling buyers of gold, silver, coins, jewellery, at hotels, or door-to-door in the U.K. and elsewhere. They usually pay poor prices despite top price claims.
Most of these fail to specify the actual prices they pay.
We detail an example from the U.S.A., where a big company from Illinois has around 55 teams travelling the country, hosting buying events, paying out about $60 million per annum, but using misleading adverts made to look like news items, and paying anything but top prices, often only 1/3rd of the real value, sometimes less.

Media Misinformation About Coins Including Gold Coins
Just a small selection of the erroneous and misleading press comments and news items about coins in general, and gold coins in particular.
Many "news" items turn out to be nothing more than barely disguised press releases which the newspaper or website then simply serves up as editorial, often with minimal editing, and very little thought.
The problem with this approach is that many people still believe what they read in newspapers, which often mean the gullible and stupid get conned and ripped off yet again.

Our Conclusions and Advice
Over more than 40 years in this business, we have seen a stream of similar cash buyers, advertisers, and leafleteers, most of whom pay low prices. We would recommend that any potential seller shops round a little. If you are not satisfied by the price you can get locally, you could always post it or bring it to us, and will almost certainly get a better price than from your local jewellers and dealers.

Any Quantity
We are happy to buy any quantity of scrap, from a single piece upwards, without limit.
If you have a large quantity of gold scrap to sell, we will accept your instructions on price, or offer you helpful advice on selling. We are one of the longest established and largest gold buyers in Britain.

Fair and Competitive Prices
Our buying prices for gold coins, bars and scrap are fair and competitive, but depend and change based on underlying gold prices, and other market conditions such as supply and demand.

Sending Gold Scrap by Post
You are welcome to visit our showroom to sell scrap, but it's also very easy to sell to us using the post. We have a page of advice about sending gold coins and scrap by post.
We suggest you bring ID if visiting our showroom.

Gold Selling Form
You may wish to print out our form to help make it easy for you to list goods you are posting to us for sale or offer.

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Cash for Gold - London Prices Paid
Cash for Gold - London Prices Paid

Buying Notice - Timeless Jewellery
Buying Notice - Timeless Jewellery


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