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Misinformation about Krugerrands by Certified Mint
We came across an interesting piece of misinformation about gold coins by the self-styled largest gold dealer in the US:
Krugerrands have been minted at South Africa's Pretoria Mint since 1961. They were first marketed in the U.S. after Americans regained the right own gold on December 31, 1974. In 1985, during the heat of the anti-apartheid movement, Congress banned the importation of Krugerrands. By then, an estimated 22 million Krugerrands had already been imported, and an active market continued for "Rands," as they are often called. African Krugerrands

Accurate Information
For accurate information, you could look at our page:-

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Obverse of Austrian One Ducat 1882

Austrian One Ducat - Obverse

Reverse of Austrian One Ducat 1882

Austrian One Ducat - Reverse

Austrian Philharmonicas


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