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March Mayhem - 2009 Gold Coins
In late February, the Royal Mint release the new 2009 gold bullion quarter sovereigns, followed by the proof version in March.
We are now UK distributors for Austrian Mint & New Zealand Mint.

  • British Royal Mint
    We have at last managed to agree a deal with the Royal Mint for a direct supply of one ounce gold bullion Britannias. These will be dated 2008 as shown, despite being last year's date. Our first delivery of 1,000 pieces is due in the last week of April 2009 and a further allocation of 1,000 pieces per month until the end of the year.
    We anticipate these coins to be very popular to British investors as they have the advantage of being exempt from C.G.T. (Capital Gains Tax) in the UK.

  • Austrian Mint
    Although the Austrian Mint is definitely not looking for new distributors, and have agreed to appoint us as their only UK distributor.
    We have already received our first tow deliveries from them for gold one ounce and silver Philharmonics. We followed our fist order with the second one within just one week.

  • New Zealand Mint
    The New Zealand Mint, officially launched a new one ounce gold bullion coin "The Pacific Sovereign" on 1st March this year, but we are still awaiting news of the first production batch, which should now happen during April 2009.

    South African Krugerrands - Rand Refineries
    We have just reached an agreement in principle, for us to receive direct supplies of new Krugerrands from the source, the Rand Refinery in South Africa, as their sole UK distributor. We expect to start receiving direct shipments during May 2009. From then, these may be added to our list of "Our Choice" one ounce gold bullion coins. In the interim, we have sourced a few hundred pieces of 2009 one ounce Krugerrands from a fellow European distributor, and these should arrive with us about 2nd April 2009. We are now accepting orders for these at a small extra premium.

Gold Eased Back after Breaking New All Time Record High Prices in Pounds Sterling and Euros
February 2009 saw several all-time highs. Our advice is to buy on dips.

One Ounce Gold Britannias
Our continuing negotiations with the British Royal Mint about direct supplies of one ounce gold bullion Britannias have at last paid off. We have had to commit to 9,000 pieces, which works out at about £6 million at current gold prices. We are beginning to think we are undercapitalised! Our first delivery is promised for the last week in April 2009. These coins should be dated 2008, probably because they have already sold one of our competitors some of the 2009 dated coins at a higher premium, and possibly given them a one year exclusivity deal. We are happy to accept this, partly because the 2008 coins have an attractive design, partly because, for most British investors, the date and design is not important, but the Capital Gains Tax Exemption makes Britannias (and sovereigns) financially more attractive.

Mayhem Easing?
Although demand for investment gold bullion coins continued strongly during March, we believe that the newly minted coins which we have been able to source means that supply is a little closer to meeting demand. However, we still notice people idiotically paying far too much for common bullion coins like Krugerrands, when perfectly good alternatives are available at lower prices.

August Slowdown 2008
How annual European holidays affect the physical gold bullion market.

September Silly Season 2008
In recent years, it has taken longer for supplies to return to normal after the break.

October Goldfest 2008
In October 2008, it already looks like gold buyers are in a festive and merry mood.

November News 2008
Nearing normality in November?

December Deliveries 2008
We received our order for 5,000 x 2008 new "bullion" sovereigns from the Royal Mint around the 8th December, and sold out within a few days. We immediately re-ordered another 500, but can't have them before the end of February, possibly early February.

January Junket 2009
We also have an order for a further 5,000 new "bullion" sovereigns, which we believe will be ready for us on 6th January 2009.

February Fasnacht Festival 2009
Including news from the World Money Fair in Berlin.

April Arrivals 2009
The 1st of March 2009 should see the launch of the new one ounce "Pacific Sovereign" made for Fiji by the New Zealand Mint. We expect to receive one of the very first deliveries.
We should also receive our first delivery of one ounce gold bullion Britannias direct from the Royal Mint.
We should be able to place our first direct order for one ounce gold bullion Krugerrands fro the Rand Refinery, but will probably not receive delivery until May.
Please watch this space.

Flexibility We would remind potential investors to read our "flexibility" page, part of the gold investment advice section of our website.

Investment Advice
You may wish to look at our gold investment advice page.

Please be aware that for callers to our showroom hoping to buy Investment Gold we must see two forms of identification. Please see our identification page for further details.

Gold Prices
There are now live spot gold prices available on this website, please see our gold prices page.

March Mayhem
March Mayhem

Reverse of 2009 Proof Quarter Sovereign
Reverse of 2009 Proof Quarter Sovereign


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