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Gold Layered

What Does Layered Mean? - As in Gold Layered?
There are growing numbers of replica and imitation coins and gold bars being listed on eBay and elsewhere.
Many of these have euphemistic and misleading description, including "gold layered".
It simply means plated. The thickness of the gold plating is almost certainly very thin. The thickness of plating is hardly ever specified, and then probably not reliable.

Fools' Gold

The vast majority of the auctions and adverts we have seen for gold layered goods have very sloppily written descriptions. We guess that these desciptions are deliberately vague, possibly because the sellers don't know, don't care, and certainly don't want the potential customers to know the items are a pile of near worthless rubbish.
The description of these items often makes them sound official, good, real, or desirable in some other way; sometimes the truth is presented in small print, or in an oblique way, possibly as some kind of legal defence in case the vendor is challenged or accused.
Some genuine coins are gold plated, and we sometimes see smaller dealers and private sellers describing these as gold layered.

London Mint Office

The misleadingly named London Mint Office describes some of the coins or medallions it sells as "layered in pure gold". Although this is not fraudulent, it is at best, hype or spin.
We reproduce a London Mint Office "certificate". It includes the wording "The Britannia Penny: the last of its kind, layered in pure 24 carat gold with Britannia luxuriously accented with the world's most expensive precious metal."...
"The whole coin layered with pure 24 carat gold..."
"Motif is accented in Rhodium-Platinum - the world’s most expensive precious metal!
"Finish: Layered with pure gold. The design motif is accented in Rhodium-Platinum".

Clad, Filled, HGE (H.G.E.) Heavy Gold Electroplated/h2>

Clad, filled, HGE (H.G.E.), heavy gold electroplated are other similarly misleading terms we frequently see used to describe base metal junk.

100 Mills

Often combined with HGE as part of a description.

Layered With Pure 24 Carat Gold - 1967 Penny

Layered With Pure 24 Carat Gold - 1967 Penny


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