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Kings and Queens of England Miniature Gold Medals by John Pinches
This set of forty-three gold medals was issued in 1972 for the Queen's Silver Jubilee, although it may have been issued in other years also. The monarchs range from Edward the Confessor 1042 to 1066, up to and including George VI 1936 to 1952. It does not include Elizabeth II, possibly because of legal permissions which would have been necessary.
Each medallion bears, on its obverse, the portrait of the respective monarch, with his or her name and the dates of their reign. On the reverse of each medal is the monarch's coat of arms or other symbols. There is also an information sheet for each monarch with a potted history.
These medallions come in a wooden box with leather insert.

Two renowned sculptors worked on the medals in this collection, Michael Rizzello, and William Gardner.

The edge is plain, apart from a London hallmark with date letter r (1972), the maker's mark JP.

Technical Specifications
Kings and Queens Miniature Medallion by Pinches, Each12.953.05.916 (22)0.09
Set of all 43, Total12.95131.05.916 (22)3.86

Diameter = Diameter in millimetres.
Weight = Gross weight in grams.
Fineness = Alloy = millesimal fineness, and carats.
AGW = Gold Content = Fine gold content in troy ounces.

1Edward the Confessor1042 - 1066
2Harold II1066
3William I1066 - 1087
4William II1087 - 1100
5Henry I1100 - 1135
6Stephen1135 - 1154
7Henry II1154 - 1189
8Richard I1189 - 1199
9John1199 - 1216
10Henry III1216 - 1272
11Edward I1272 - 1307
12Edward II1307 - 1327
13Edward III1327 - 1377
14Richard II1377 - 1399
15Henry IV1399 - 1413
16Henry V1413 - 1422
17Henry VI1422 - 1461
18Edward IV1461 - 1483
19Edward V1483
20Richard III1483 - 1485
21Henry VII1485 - 1509
22Henry VIII1509 - 1547
23Edward VI1547 - 1553
24Lady Jane Grey1553
25Mary I1553 - 1558
26Elizabeth I1558 - 1603
27James I1603 - 1625
28Charles I1625 - 1649
29Charles II1660 - 1685
30James II1685 - 1688
31=Mary II1689 - 1694
31=William III of Orange1689 - 1702
33Anne1702 - 1714
34George I1714 - 1727
35George II1727 - 1760
36George III1760 - 1820
37George IV1820 - 1830
38William IV1830 - 1837
39Victoria1837 - 1901
40Edward VII1901 - 1910
41George V1910 - 1936
42Edward VIII1936
43George VI1936 - 1952

Kings & Queens Miniatures - Complete Set

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Prices Fluctuations
We are always happy to buy and sell gold medals and medallions. Prices fluctuate according to a number of factors including gold bullion prices, condition, supply and demand.
Please contact us if there is a gold medallion you wish to buy or sell.

Pattern Gold Sovereigns on eBay?
If this collection were to be offered for sale on eBay, it is quite likely that it would be split up and sold individually, and each medal described as a "pattern gold sovereign" or some similar misleading description, and also priced at two or three times our asking price.

Medals & Medallions Wanted
We make an active market in almost all world coins, medals, medallions, gold or otherwise. If you have any of these to sell, please contact us, or post them to us for appraisal and offer.

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EU Insured Post £10 per order
USA Airmail $10,
Insured Shipping $20
Canada Airmail $15,
Insured Shipping $30

Kings and Queens Miniature Gold Medal Collection by John Pinches
Kings and Queens Miniature Gold 43 Medal Collection by John Pinches

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Henry III on Obverse of Kings and Queens Miniature Gold Medal by John Pinches
Henry III on Obverse of Kings and Queens Miniature Gold Medal by John Pinches

Reverse of Henry III Kings and Queens Miniature Gold Medal by John Pinches
Reverse of Henry III Kings and Queens Miniature Gold Medal by John Pinches

Front Cover of Henry III Information Sheet
Front Cover of Henry III Information Sheet


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