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Byzantine Gold Coins
Gold Solidus of Justin II 565 - 578 A.D.
Justin II was the nephew of Justinian. Upon the latter's death, Callinucus, Justinian's Provost of the Sacred Bedchamber, announced that it had been his dying wish that Justin should succeed him as Justin II, a dubious claim, as another nephew, also named Justin, had previously been tipped as a successor, but was not considered an ally by Callinicus.
Justin II proved not to be the man his uncle had been. In 568, the Lombards invaded Italy and by 574 had overun most of the peninsula. Meanwhile, in 572, his refusal to pay the customary tribute to the Sassanids resulted in a disastrous war which saw the loss of Syria and the threat of losing Asia Minor entirely. Justin II reacted to these events by collapsing into insanity.
In 574, during one of his periods of lucidity, the Emperor realised that he was no longer capable of ruling the Empire, he therefore raised the general Tiberius to the rank of Caesar, and his wife, Sophia, and Tiberius ruled the empire as regents for the next four years. Lacking the rigid inflexibility and lack of pragmatism of Justin II, Sophia and Tiberius bought off the Sassanids for 45,000 Solidii in order to buy much needed breathing space. In 578, Justin II abdicated entirely and handed control of the Empire over to Tiberius, who became Tiberius II. Justin II died a few days later, having relieved himself of the crown he was not strong enough to wear.

Justin II Solidus-Gold4.45Victoria Enthroned

Diameter = millimetres
Weight = Grams

Price & Availability
DescriptionGradeAvailabilityPrice £Price $
Byzantine Gold SolidusVFYes£450$Ask

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Obverse of Byzantine Gold Coin
Obverse of Byzantine Gold Solidus of Justin II


Obverse of Byzantine Gold Coin
Reverse of Byzantine Gold Solidus of Justin II


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