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Ian Ogilvy
Ian Ogilvy was an ex-partner, director, shareholder in a company called Oppenheimer Jewellers (Lytham) Limited set up by Lawrence Chard, Alan Keith Holloway and Ian Ogilvy. This company traded as a retail jeweller at 3 Park Street Lytham. Ogilvy was to be the Managing Director of the company in charge of day to day management of the shop, although policy was to be agreed by all three director shareholders.
The company was incorporated on 21st July 1983, and commenced trading in September 1983.
Ogilvie also carried out some work from September 1984 to May 1987, for a company owned by Chard and Holloway called Oppenheimer Jewellers Limited, which traded from 101 Church Street Blackpool, as a retail jewellers, for which he received a fee from that company.
This arrangement stopped shortly after Ogilvy's wife purported opened a retail jewellery shop, A&B Christie, in Blackpool in partnership with Andrew R. Tattington, who was also previously employed as a bench jeweller by the Blackpool company. Although Ogilvy insisted that he was not involved, he was made frequent disappearances from the Blackpool shop, and was observed on a number of occasions to visit the newly opened competitor's shop. We are aware that a number of telephone calls were received and made at the Blackpool shop on the behalf of the competitor, deliveries for it were received at the Blackpool shop, and its name was used in credit references.
At a meeting attended by the company's auditors on 10th February, attention was called to a number of accounting irregularities at the company, and it was suggested the Ogilvy should resign his directorship and his employment be terminated. As Ogilvy did not agree to this immediately, the auditors were requested to investigate the alleged irregularities, and if any evidence of dishonest were found, to report the matter to the police without further reference to the directors.
The alleged irregularities included payments for second-hand jewellery bought by OJLL, and transfers of stock between the two companies.
Ogilvy requested an adjournment until the next day, so that he could consider his position, and take advice, which we assume included legal advice, and this was agreed.
On 11th February, the meeting continued, and Ogilvy tendered his resignation.

High Court Writ
On 9th November 1988, Ogilvy issued High Court legal proceedings against the company, and the two other shareholder directors, alleged, inter alia, that he was forced to resign. He was also seeking 20,000 for the transfer of his shares, and other amounts of money for directors fees, pension contributions, and expenses which he believed were owed or due to him.
In late February 1988, Ogilvy offered to accept 12,500 total, and to drop his case. Although Holloway wished to accept this offer, Lawrence Chard continued to negotiate with Ogilvy, as a result of which a much improved, (by 16,000), offer was agreed.
On 6th March 1989, Ogilvy dropped his case, and paid an amount of 3,500 to the other parties, together with his own and the other parties' legal fees.
made the somewhat strange request that his own solicitor should not be told about the amount and direction of the payment made and received. It seems that Ogilvy was going to lead his solicitor to believe that he had received payment of some amount. It was agreed that Ogilvie should inform his own solicitor about the agreement reached.

Other Activities
Ogilvie is or was a member of the magic circle, being apart time entertainer with a magic and comedy act.
Previously he had been a partner in De Veers Jewellers in Birley Street Blackpool, and has since operated jewellery shops in Fleetwood, Cleveleys and possibly elsewhere, usually, we believe, with a partner.
The names of some of these include Pollards Jewellers (Pollards Jewels), and Phillip's Jewellers.

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