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Byzantine Gold Coins
Gold Hyperpyron of Andronicus II/ Michael IX
We show a Byzantine gold hyperpyron of Andronicus II/Michael IX (father and son co-emperors) 1295-1320.

Andronicus II was raised to the purple in 1261, as co-emperor to his father Michael VIII. Upon his father's death, he ruled alone until 1295, when his son, Michael IX was crowned as co-emperor. Andronicus II presided over a sharp decline in the Empire's fortunes, when he foolishly decided to vastly reduce the Byzantine Army and do away with the Navy altogether in order to save money, relying instead on mercanaries as and when required. This proved unsatisfactory as the Empire lost territory to the Ottomans whilst the Catalan mercanaries he had hired turned on their Byzantine employers and ravaged Thrace.

In spite of this, the Byzantine economy still faltered and revenues went down, no doubt in part due to the defencelessness of the Empire brought about by the policies of Andronicus II and his son. When Michael IX died in 1320, a civil war broke out between Andronicus II and his grandson, also named Andronicus, whom the old emperor refused to recognise as his father's heir to the throne. Eventually, the grandson triumphed over the grandfather, and Andronicus II was compelled to abdicate in 1328 and retire to a monastry, where he died four years later.
Note: The gold hyperpyron was 20 carats until the reign of John III (1222-1254) whereupon the gold fineness was reduced to 16 carats.

Andronicus II/Michael IX Hyperpyron-16 carat gold3.34Christ Enthroned / Virgin Mary Crowning Emperor

Diameter = millimetres
Weight = Grams

Price & Availability
DescriptionGradeAvailabilityPrice £Price $
Andronicus II/ Michael IX HyperpyronAVFYes£185$Ask

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Obverse of Byzantine Gold Coin
Obverse of Byzantine Gold Hyperpyron of Andronicus II/ Michael IX


Obverse of Byzantine Gold Coin
Reverse of Byzantine Gold Hyperpyron of Andronicus II/ Michael IX


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