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The following is a list of Refiners of gold whose bars were found to meet the required standard when originally tested.
Inclusion in this list does not constitute or imply any representation or warranty by the LBMA as to creditworthiness or as to the services or goods supplied or quality or compliance with any specification relating thereto. No liability for direct or consequential loss, howsoever caused, whether by negligence or otherwise, whether by use of this list or reliance thereon, is accepted by the LBMA.
© The London Bullion Market Association, 2006

 Country Company Location
of Refinery
of First
Most Recent Brand Mark

AUSTRALIA AGR Matthey Newburn,
W. Australia
24.1.03 AGR MATTHEY in oval around three stacked bars

Business Unit Precious Metals
Hoboken 1930 (est.) umicore and company logo above the word HOBOKEN

BRAZIL AngloGold Ashanti Mineração Ltda Nova Lima 21.3.86 AngloGold Ashanti
  Umicore Brasil Ltda. Guarulhos,
São Paulo
11.12.92 umicore and company logo above the word BRASIL

CANADA Falconbridge Limited
(formerly Noranda Inc CCR Refinery
- change effective 30-6-05)
Montreal East,
1.1.55 Refined (year) Noranda Inc CCR Montreal East Canada
  Johnson Matthey Limited Brampton,
15.6.61 Johnson Matthey JM and crossed hammers in diamond, and JM Ltd Canada Assay Office in oval
  Royal Canadian Mint Ottawa,
1919 (est.) Royal Canadian Mint and Monnaie Royale Canadienne in mark

CHINA, PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF The Great Wall Gold & Silver Refinery of China Chengdu 1981 Refined by Great Wall Gold & Silver Refinery in oval around *China* and Great Wall logo and assay seal.
  Inner Mongolia Qiankun Gold and Silver Refinery Share Company Limited Huhhot,
Inner Mongolia
27.10.99 Horse's head logo surrounded by QIANKUN GOLD AND SILVER in Roman and Chinese characters and assay mark with Chinese characters for Inner Mongolia, China in Chinese characters and CHINA in Roman characters.
  Jiangxi Copper Company Ltd Guixi City, Jiangxi Province 30.08.05 Company logo above JCC

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GERMANY W.C. Heraeus GmbH
Hanau, Hessen 15.7.58 Heraeus Hanau in rectangle
  Norddeutsche Affinerie
Hamburg Before 1934/
Norddeutsche Affinerie Hamburg in rectangle and NA

HONG KONG Heraeus Ltd. Hong Kong Fanling 23.1.06 Heraeus Hong Kong in rectangle
  Johnson Matthey Hong Kong Kwai Chung 15.8.01 Johnson Matthey Hong Kong in oval round
REFINERS MELTERS and Johnson Matthey Assay Office in oval round crossed hammers

INDONESIA PT Aneka Tambang
(Persero) Tbk
Jakarta 1.1.99 LM logo and Logam Mulia Antam Jakarta in oval

ITALY Chimet SpA Badia Al Pino,
27.7.96 Chimet Trattamento Metalli Preziosi Badia Al Pino AR in oval
  Metalli Preziosi SpA Paderno Dugnano,
Before 1962 Metalli Preziosi S.p.A. Milano Affinazione in oval round MP in diamond

JAPAN Ishifuku Metal Industry Co., Ltd. Soka, Saitama
30.6.82 Ishifuku Tokyo Melters & Ishifuku Tokyo Assay Office in circles round Japanese 'Bun' character
  Matsuda Sangyo Co.,Ltd. Iruma,
Saitama Pref.
11.1.00 Matsuda Tokyo Assayer-Melter in oval with M
  Mitsubishi Materials Corporation Kagawa,
Kagawa Pref.
20.5.81 Three diamonds mark and three diamonds mark with Assayer Melter in rectangle
  Mitsui Mining
and Smelting Co., Ltd.
Hiroshima Pref.
20.5.81 Logo consisting of three horizontal lines inside diamond inside circle
  Nippon Mining & Metals Co Ltd Saganoseki,
Smelter & Refinery
3.5.00 Hollow circle above NSS with Nippon Mining at right
  Sumitomo Metal
Mining Co., Ltd.
Ehime Pref.
17.6.81 Sumitomo with logo and Sumitomo Assay Office with logo
  Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo KK Hiratsuka,
Kanagawa Pref.
7.9.78 Tanaka Tokyo Melters round logo and Tanaka Tokyo Assay Office round logo
  Tokuriki Honten Co., Ltd. Shobumachi,
Saitama Pref.
21.10.81 Tokuriki Tokyo Melters Assayers in circle round Japanese 'Toku' character

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KAZAKHSTAN Kazzinc Joint Stock Company Ust-Kamenogorsk 20.6.96 Stylised K and Kazakhstan in Cyrillic script in oval with running stag

KOREA, REPUBLIC OF Korea Zinc Co Ltd Onsan 9.8.00 KOREA ZINC CO., LTD. 1974 in circle around KZ
  LS-Nikko Copper Inc Ulsan 20.5.94 LS logo and LS Assayer Melter in rectangle

KYRGYZ REPUBLIC Kyrgyzaltyn JSC Karabalta 27.10.99;
name & brand changed 1.5.01
KYRGYZ REPUBLIC in oval round ALTYN on crossed globe logo

MEXICO Met-Mex Peñoles, S.A. Torreon,
22.11.91 Met-Mex Peñoles SA DE CV in oval

NETHERLANDS Schöne Edelmetaal BV Amsterdam Before 1934 umicore and company logo above the word FEINGOLD

PHILIPPINES Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
(Central Bank of the Philippines)
Quezon City 6.9.79 Central Bank of the Philippines Gold Refinery & Mint in oval round crucible pouring mould and similar assay mark

RUSSIA Joint Stock Company Ekaterinburg
Non-Ferrous Metal Processing Plant
Ekaterinburg 11.1.99 Ekaterinburg logo, Cyrillic ED and 'Russia' in Cyrillic in oval
  Federal State Enterprise
Novosibirsk Refinery
Novosibirsk 11.1.99 Novosibirsk logo, Cyrillic NV and 'Russia' in Cyrillic in oval
  Open Joint Stock Company "The Gulidov Krasnoyarsk Non-Ferrous Metals Plant"
(OJSC "Krastvetmet")
Krasnoyarsk 29.11.99 Krasnoyarsk logo, Cyrillic KR and 'Russia' in Cyrillic in oval
  Open Joint Stock Company Kolyma Refinery Khasyn, Magadan 17.09.04 Company logo and 'Russia' in Cyrillic in oval
  Prioksky Plant of
Non-Ferrous Metals
29.11.99 Prioksky logo, Cyrillic PM and 'Russia' in Cyrillic in oval
  State-Owned Enterprise
Shyolkovsky Factory of Secondary Precious Metals
27.10.99 Shyolkovsky logo, Cyrillic SCH and 'Russia' in Cyrillic in oval

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SOUTH AFRICA Musuku Beneficiation Systems Pty Ltd Virginia,
Free State
31.08.05 Arrow logo plus HARMONY
  Rand Refinery Limited Germiston,
1921 (est.) Rand Refinery Limited and Rand Refinery Ltd South Africa in circle round head of springbok

Joyeria Plateria SA
Madrid -.1.84 Sociedad Española de Metales
Preciosos SA in circle round Fundadores Afinadores and star

SWEDEN Boliden Mineral AB Skelleftehamn -.1.84 Boliden with logo

SWITZERLAND Argor-Heraeus SA Mendrisio 28.8.61 Argor-Heraeus SA in circle round AH and AH Melter Assayer in rectangle
  Cendres & Métaux SA Biel-Bienne 20.5.81 Cendres et Métaux SA
CH Bienne in circle round CM logo and CM Essayeur Fondeur in rectangle
  Metalor Technologies SA Marin, Neuchâtel Before 1934 METALOR® and assay mark showing Essayeur Fondeur with MP in triangle
  PAMP SA Castel S Pietro,
10.6.87 PAMP SA Switzerland with PAMP logo and Essayeur Fondeur in rectangle with PAMP logo
  Valcambi SA Balerna,
20.5.68 Valcambi SA Balerna-Suisse in oval and Essayeur Fondeur with CHI in rectangle

USA Johnson Matthey Inc Salt Lake City,
22.5.89 Johnson Matthey with JM and crossed hammers in diamond, and JMI Assay Office in oval round SLC
  Metalor USA
Refining Corporation
North Attleboro,
19.7.91 METALOR® and MUS assayer's mark including year

 UZBEKISTAN Almalyk Mining and
Metallurgical Complex (AMMC)
28.10.97 Uzbekistan in Cyrillic and Roman script in circle round globe
and AMMC logo with Melter Assayer in rectangle
  Navoi Mining and Metallurgical
Navoi 17.10.94 Uzbekistan, in Cyrillic and Roman script round globe in circle and NMMC logo with Melter Assayer in rectangle

 ZIMBABWE Fidelity Printers and Refiners
(Private) Limited
Harare 28.10.89 Fidelity Refiners in rectangle and bird logo in circle

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  The following are:

  1.Organisations which no longer melt and assay good delivery gold bars, or which have undergone a change of name and/or mark or
  2. Organisations which no longer melt and assay good delivery gold bars at the locations specified below but continue to do so elsewhere.
  However, bars produced by these organisations prior to their transfer to this list continue to be acceptable as good delivery.
  Bars in this category not marked with the fineness and stamp of an acceptable Assayer must be accompanied by a certificate issued by an acceptable Assayer stating the serial number of the bar and the fineness.
  Following the historical precedent, if a bar bears more than one assay stamp, the lowest figure will be taken.


Country Company Location of Refinery Date of
Transfer to
Former List
Brand Mark

AUSTRALIA AGR Joint Venture Kewdale,
W. Australia
31.1.00 Australian Gold Refineries AGR Perth in lozenge with outline of swan on left and three stacked bars on right
  AGR Joint Venture Newburn,
W. Australia
31.12.02 Australian Gold Refineries AGR Perth in lozenge with outline of swan on left and three stacked bars on right
  Johnson Matthey (Aust.) Ltd. Thomastown,
3.2.92 Johnson Matthey Melbourne in oval round Refiners Melters and Johnson Matthey Assay Office in oval round crossed hammers
  Former Australian
Branches of the
Royal Mint, London
W Australia,
Melbourne, Victoria
  Royal Mint Perth Branch and mint mark;
Royal Mint Melbourne and mint mark
  Deak International     Deak International
  Engelhard Industries
Pty Ltd
  Engelhard Australia and assay mark
  Golden West Refining Kewdale,
W. Australia
1.2.93 Australia and balance scales within map of Australia plus Golden West Refining in circle round three stacked bars
  Harringtons Metallurgists
22.8.95 Harringtons Metallurgists Australia Fine Assay Office mark
  Matthey Garrett Pty
Sydney, NSW   Matthey Garrett Pty Limited Sydney Refiners
  The Perth Mint Perth, WA   The Perth Mint and mint mark
  Western Australian Mint Newburn, W. Australia 1928 Australian Gold Refineries AGR Perth in lozenge
  Western Australian Mint trading as Australian Gold Refineries Kalgoorlie 27.1.95 AGR Kalgoorlie

BELGIUM SA Johnson Matthey NV Brussels -.11.95 Johnson Matthey Brussels and assay mark
  NV Métallurgie
Hoboken-Overpelt SA
    Métallurgie Hoboken-Overpelt and assay mark
  Umicore SA,
Business Unit Precious Metals
Hoboken 31.12.05 Hoboken 9999 and Hoboken 999.7

BRAZIL Banco Ourinvest SA São Paulo 1.7.05 i in circle and Ourinvest, and i in circle and Ourinvest S.B.M. all in rectangle
  Casa da Moeda do Brasil - CMB Rio de Janeiro 30.6.04 Casa do Moeda do Brasil - CMB and mark
  CRM - Comercial e Refinadora de Metais S/A Alphaville-Barueri 03.10.00 CRM in rectangle
  Goldmine Fundidora Ltda   13.7.98 Goldmine in oval and assay mark
  Mineração AngloGold Ltda Nova Lima 1.9.05 Morro Velho and MMV in rectangle
  Umicore Brasil Ltda. Guarulhos,
São Paulo
31.12.05 Degussa Brasil with sun and moon in diamond logo

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CANADA Engelhard Canada Ltd Aurora, Ontario   Engelhard and trademark
  Johnson Matthey &
Mallory Ltd
    Johnson Matthey & Mallory Canada and assay mark
  Degussa Canada Ltd Burmington,
-.5.91 Degussa Canada Ltd

CHINA, PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF Gold and Silver Refinery of China   2.10.01 Star and circle, "Assayed by R.C."
  Neimenggu Precious Metal
Refinery of China
Inner Mongolia
28.9.04 Horse's head logo circled by Neimenggu Precious Metal Refinery of China in Chinese and Roman script and assay mark of logo in circle with Chinese script

COLOMBIA Banco de la República Medellin 1997 Banco de la República Colombia in rectangle with mountains

FRANCE Caplain Saint-André
    Caplain Saint-André Affineurs-Fondeurs
  Compagnie des Métaux
Ivry 1989 Compagnie des Metaux Precieux Paris Fondeurs Affineurs and assay mark
  Comptoir Lyon-Alemand Louyot     Comptoir Lyon-Alemand Louyot-Paris Affineur Fondeur and assay mark
  Comptoir Lyon-Alemand et Marret, Bonnin, Lebel et Guieu réunis   1.10.95 Comptoir Lyon-Alemand et Marret, Bonnin, Lebel et Guieu réunis and assay mark
  Engelhard S.A.   1.10.95 Compagnie des Métaux Précieux Paris Fondeurs Affineurs and assay mark
  Englehard-CLAL S.A.S. Noisy le Sec 31.12.02 Englehard-CLAL Paris and lion logo
  Les Anciens Etablissements
Léon Martin
    Anc Ets Léon Martin Fondeur Affineur Bagneaux Pres Paris and assay mark
  Marret, Bonnin, Lebel et Guieu (Melters only)     Marret, Bonnin, Lebel et Guieu and assay mark

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GERMANY Degussa-Hüls AG Hanau-Wolfgang 1.11.00 Degussa with sun and moon in diamond logo

JAPAN Nippon Mining & Metals
Co., Ltd.
Hitachi 1.10.98 Nippon Mining, logo and HM

KOREA, DEMOCRATIC PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF Central Bank of the DPR of Korea Pyongyang 30.6.04 Central Bank Pyongyang, Refiners, Melters, Central Bank DPR of Korea and assay mark

KOREA, REPUBLIC OF LG-Nikko Copper Inc Ulsan 25.07.05 LG-Nikko with LG logo and Assayer Melter with LG logo
  LG Metals   1.12.99 LG in face shape inside circle
  Lucky Metals   1.03.95 LM inside square

NETHERLANDS Engelhard-CLAL/Drijfhout BV Amsterdam 30.6.04 H Drijfhout & Zoon Amsterdam Melters and assay mark
  Schöne Edelmetaal BV Amsterdam 31.12.05 Degussa with sun and moon in diamond logo

ROMANIA Allied Deals Phoenix SA Baia Mare Baia Mare,
16.5.02 Allied Deals Phoenix S.A. Baia Mare in circle with globe, eagle and ADG.
Must be accompanied by assay mark of Banca Nationala a Romaniei

SINGAPORE Degussa (Private) Limited Singapore 20.11.98 Degussa Sinagpore with sun and moon in diamond logo

SPAIN Industrias Reunidas
SA (Indumetal)
  20.11.96 Indumetal and Orispania Bilbao

SWITZERLAND Argor SA   -.9.86 Argor SA Chiasso and assay mark
  Bureau Central Suisse,
Contrôle Métaux Précieux
(Assayers only)
    Bureau Central Suisse, Controle Métaux Précieux
  Métaux Précieux SA Metalor Marin, Neuchâtel 05.06.01 Métaux Précieux SA Metalor in circle round MP logo and MP assay mark
  Monnaie Fédérale Suisse     Monnaie Fédérale Suisse (Melters only)
  Société de Banque Suisse     Société de Banque Suisse Le Locle and assay mark
  Usine Genevoise de
Degrossissage d'Or
  -.7.92 UGDO Essayer Fondeur Degrossissage d'Or

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UNITED KINGDOM Bank of England     Bank of England with Britannia seated holding spear
  Engelhard-CLAL UK Limited Chessington,
1.10.98 Engelhard-CLAL London
  Engelhard Limited   1.10.95 Engelhard London and 'E'
  Johnson & Sons, Assayers
Ltd (Assayers only)
    Assay Office stamp
  Johnson & Sons, Smelting
Works Limited
    Johnson & Sons Smelting Works Refiners Melters
  Johnson Matthey PLC Royston, Herts 25.5.05 Johnson Matthey London in oval round Refiners Melters and Johnson Matthey Assay Office in oval round crossed hammers logo
  NM Rothschild & Sons     NM Rothschild & Sons NMR
  Royal Mint     Coat of Arms of the Royal Mint
  The Sheffield Smelting Co Ltd London Sheffield   Refined by the Sheffield Smelting Co Ltd London and Sheffield and assay mark

USA ASARCO Incorporated Amarillo, Texas 22.6.05 ASARCO Gold Amarillo Texas in square
  ASARCO Incorporated Baltimore, Md
Perth Amboy, NJ
  ASARCO Gold Baltimore Maryland or ASARCO Gold Perth Amboy New Jersey
  Engelhard-CLAL USA Carteret, N.J. 10.12.97 Engelhard-CLAL New York
  Engelhard Corporation Carteret, NJ    
  Engelhard Corporation Anaheim, Ca   Engelhard logo and W in octagon
  Handy & Harman
Refining Group Inc
Attleboro, Mass 03.04.01 Handy & Harman Refining Group
with 'HH' in square
  Homestake Mining Company Lead, SD 03.10.00 Homestake Mining Company in circle round HMC logo
  United States Metals
Refining Company,
Subsidiary of Amax Inc
Carteret, NJ   DRW Reg US Pat Off
  United States Assay
Offices & Mints
New York
San Francisco
08.09.97 US Assay Office New York or Mint of The United States at San Francisco, or US Mint San Francisco, or US Mint Denver

(formerly known as)
State Refineries Moscow 01.01.97 Cyrillic SSSR with hammer and sickle

The Association confines its listing to those organisations which have the capability both to melt and to assay Good Delivery bars.
The following organisations were accorded the status of 'Assayers only' on the relevant listing previously issued by the London Gold Market.
Daniel C Griffith & Co Ltd
Laboratoires Boudet & Dussaix
Chartered Industries of Singapore

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