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Perhaps we should be flattered by the number of people including dealers who continually infringe our IP (Intellectual Property) rights by using our copyright images, but we do not find it amusing, and will take legal action against any copyright thieves.

Gold Coin Secrets Basima Latouf of Saint-Laurent Quebec (
Gold Coin Secrets Basima Latouf of Saint-Laurent Quebec ( are just one of the many coin dealers and websites worldwide who commit copyright theft by using our copyright images without our permission.

What's Wrong?
Gold Coin Secrets Basima Latouf of Saint-Laurent Quebec ( have used a number of our high quality gold coin photographs on their website, including the following:

  1. Reverse of Mint Condition 1832 William IV Sovereign
    Stolen from our Gold Sovereigns website. This image appears on at least three of their pages.

  2. Obverse & Reverse of 1938 India Hyderabad Half Ashrafi
    From the India page of this website.

  3. Obverse of Roman Gold Solidus of Honorius
    From the Roman Gold Coins page of this website, although Gold Coin Secrets wrongly states it to be a gold aureus!

  4. Credit Suisse 100 Gram Gold Bar
    For some reason, they have used one of our older photographs, our newer ones are better.

We invest a great amount of time and energy into creating the best photographic coin and gold bar images on the internet. It helps to promote our "brand", and many people recognise our photographs because of their high quality and other recognisable characteristics.
When other dealers or pseudo-experts use them to help create their own website, it dilutes our brand identity. It may also help to fool reader that the website they are looking at is one with high professional and aesthetic standards. Often the reality is that they are looking at some cheapo, hacked-out site, written by ignorami.

Gold Coin Secrets The British Gold Coins a Sovereign Treasure Page

The British Gold Coins a Sovereign Treasure
October 30, 2010
in World Gold Coins
What is sovereign? (sic)
The British gold coins are extremely popular with collectors the world over, especially with ones who live in countries which were once part of the British Empire. These British gold coins are also known as sovereign (sic) and was (sic) first minted for Henry VII of England, in 148 (sic), who issued the first 20 shilling gold coin.
British gold coins were called sovereign (sic) because they were large and the earlier editions carried the picture of the king on the throne while the other side depicts the Royal coat of arms – a shield with the Tudor double rose around it. The first sovereigns were 23 carat with a gold content of 95.83 per cent. Among the other changes Henry VII brought in, he also reduced the purity of the gold coins to 22 carats that became and remains the gold coin standard even today. The minting of the British gold coins went on right through the reign of the Tudors and came to halt during when James I became the King of England in 1603, when it was replaced by the guineas and unites. The early sovereigns are extremely expensive and the average numismatist collects the later day sovereign.
The reverse design:
One method followed by British gold coin collector is to pick up coins by the reverse design. The reverse design on the earlier editions of the sovereign was the motif of the shield and crown. The next reverse design was that of Saint George slaying the dragon. This was designed by Benedetoo (sic) Pistrucci and is used even today.
During the reigns of William IV, Victoria and George IV have seen other reverse designs, like shields were used on British gold coins. On gold coins minted, in the last 50 years, during the reign of the Queen Elizabeth II, shields were depicted on the reverse side of the coins only for two years, that is, on the 500th anniversary of the sovereign.A different depiction of the St George and the dragon was carried on the gold coins in 2005.
The mint mark : Most coins carry a mint mark, a minuscule (sic) letter which is placed below the portrait or just above the date. Old British gold coins also carry geographically indicative alphabets (M would indicate Melbourne, S stands for Sydney, O for Ottawa, I for India, P or Perth and SA for South Africa.) However, all British gold coins were minted in London from 1932, so the absence of the alphabet would mean that the coin was struck in London.
Date of issue: This is rather expensive method of coin collecting. The coins from some years are very expensive- due to various reasons. If you want to acquire every coin minted each year, believe me it would be cost you a fortune. Collectors who have such collections are few and far between.
Portrait: Another interesting way of British gold coins is to collect the different portraits of royalty issued during the one reign. For instance, there are four portraits of Victoria, one of George VI, two of George V while the present queen has five to her credit.
Monarch: Since British gold coins all carry the portrait of the monarch, this is another way of collecting sovereigns.
Tagged as: British gold coins
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Gold Coin Secrets' Gold Coin Secrets Page

Gold Coin Secrets
Probably one of the best kept gold coin secrets is that collectors can make money in rare coins by searching for rare coins which are undervalued and buying these during a time when the market is quiet.
Even when the gold price is rising it is still possible to seek out and find rare gold coins being sold at the gold value.
Rare coins, of course will tend to have a value in excess of the current gold price due to their rarity. Being able to buy at the gold price then will ensure a good return.
There are some important points to keep in mind however. One of these is the fact that rare gold coins are limited, By virtue of being rare there is a limited number available so the value increases due to rarity each year. this means they are harder to find and so more work is needed to seek them out.
Known what sort of coins you want to collect and focus on them. There are thousands of gold coins, rare and recently issued. Very few people are likely to be able to keep a track of each one so most people tend to specialize in a particular coin or group of coins. It might be a good idea to focus on a particular type of coin then, such as might interest you most. Such as the American eagle for example or the Canadian Maple Leaf.
There are also different grades of coins even in the rare variety so it is a good idea to get as much information and education on the types of rare gold coins there are and what the current value of each is.
Forming a good relationship with a Numismatic or coin collectors association is a good idea as one can glean information from them and get into communication with their members and exchange information, ideas and so forth.
The 1933 double eagle currently holds the record for highest price brought at auction for a single U.S. coin when it was purchased for US$7.59 million. 445,500 specimens of this Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle were minted in 1933, the last year of production for the Double Eagle, but no specimens ever officially circulated and nearly all were melted down, due to the discontinuance of the domestic gold standard in 1933. So although it is rare, it is possible to find rare gold coins.
As always, there is no substitute for patient due diligence and study. And probably that is one of the best gold coin secrets of all.

What's Wrong?
Gold Coin Secrets' website has used many of our high quality gold coin photographs without our permission, and in breach of our copyright. This is dishonest.

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