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Copyright Theft

Elm Investments 4W Web Design of Bristol & Copyright Theft
Hundreds of gold & coin dealers worldwide commit copyright theft by using our copyright images without our permission. We thought this was just one more until we received an e-mail from 4W Web Design of Bristol...

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Elm Investments (Western) Ltd
Date: Fri, 6 Nov 2009 18:14:17 +0000
From: Dan Broughton To: CC:

You make reference to Elm Investments (Western) Ltd, in Bristol as "Dishonest Gold & Coin Dealers" at /copyrightabuse.html
Could you please remove this immediately, or substantiate your claim?
If there are images that you own copyright to on the http:// website they will be removed immediately.
Dan Broughton
4W Web Design Ltd
14 Orchard Street, Bristol BS1 5EH
Tel. 0845 373 2855

Our Reply

Dear Mr Broughton,
It appears from your e-mail that you do not know the sources of the images on your website otherwise you would know which are ours, (and also which were your own) and could also have removed them without needing to ask which particular ones they are.
Effectively, we believe this constitutes an admission of guilt, and certainly evidence of this if any more were needed.
As it's late on Saturday, please excuse me if I try to save myself some time by asking to to send an e-mail to .
This will send you an auto-response, which although addressed to the thousands of eBay copyright thieves, is still relevant to others.
I look forward with interest to your response.
Lawrence Chard
Chard (1964) Limited
32 - 36 Harrowside
England, UK.
Tel 0044 (0)1253 343081
Fax 0044 (0)1253 408058

4W Web Design Ltd's "About Us" Page

4W Web Design Ltd
Creative Digital Communications
4W Web Design Ltd was established in 2005 and provides creative internet solutions including website design and development plus online marketing and corporate ID.
We have worked with individuals, small start-ups, SMEs as well as leading global brands such as Manpower, Guinness World Records and Tesco.
The 4W Team
Dan Broughton, Director
Experience: Graphic Design (18 years); Book Publishing (10 years), Project Management (16 years); Interactive (9 years), Search Engine Optimisation (7 years)
Jamie Saunders, Senior Developer
Experience: Object Oriented Programming and design, specifically PHP (11 years); Server administration (Linux/Apache/MySQL etc.) (11 years), Flash ActionScript (9 years), Database administration and design (11 years)
Jurgen Smirnoff, Developer
Experience: PHP (6 years); Cake PHP (2 years); Zend Framework (2 years); MySQL (6 years); AJAX (2 years); CURL (4 years); XML & XML-RPC (3 years); Database Modelling (3 years)
Tim Willis, Designer/HTML Coder
Experience: Graphic Design (4 years); Interactive (4 years); SEO (1 year)
4W has a core team but we do not pretend to be experts at everything - we work closely with selected partners for specific services (illustration, video, audio, link building, etc) as and when required.
We also operate as the digital arm for several London agencies – our relatively low operational cost allows them to outsource their digital requirements whilst maintaining project management and client liasion (sic)

Whilst maintaining a flexible approach, our core technical experience is within the following and related areas:
PHP (4 & 5)
Object Orientated Programming
Design Patterns
Linux/Apache OS and server management
Payment processing (ecommerce)
Content management systems and shopping cart systems
Flash Actionscript
Search Engine Optimisation (onsite and offsite factors)
Internet Marketing (advertising, viral videos, link baiting, email campaigns)
New Business: Dan Broughton
Tel. 0845 373 2855 or 07834 706491
Customer Service: 0845 373 2855
Full details are in the Contact Us section.
Company Details
Registered in England No. 5419934
Registered Office: 4W Web Design Ltd, 14 Orchard Street, Bristol BS1 5EH
VAT Number: 862 2365 26

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Website Design Consultative website design: beautifully designed and coded to the highest standards
©copyright 2009 4W Web Design Ltd - all rights reserved. Individual logos and images copyright of their respective owners.
4W Web Design Ltd are members of The Federation of Small Businesses and the UK Web Design Association.
Registered in England at the address above. Company number: 5419934

Companies House Webcheck

Name & Registered Office:
Company No. 05419934
Status: Active Date of Incorporation: 09/04/2005 Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Company Type: Private Limited Company Nature of Business (SIC(03)): 7260 - Other computer related activities
Accounting Reference Date: 30/04
Last Accounts Made Up To: 30/04/2009 (TOTAL EXEMPTION SMALL)
Next Accounts Due: 31/01/2011
Last Return Made Up To: 09/04/2009
Next Return Due: 07/05/2010

On All Elm Investments Web Pages

© 2009 Elm Investments (Western) Ltd. All rights reserved. Terms of Use | Privacy Statement | Email:
PO Box No 1120, Winterbourne, Bristol BS36 2DH, UK. Tel. 01454 774314 Fax. 01454 250209

Inferences & Deductions
Clearly 4W Web Design would only be contacting us, and offering to remove copyright images, if they had contracted with Elm to supply the web design.
At this stage we guess that Elm may have been simply too trusting or failed to carry out due diligence checks on their supplier 4W Web Design.
It would appear that 4W Web Design have either used our photographs thinking we would not notice, or not be able to positively identify them, or not care, or all or some combination of these. Possibly they sub-contracted the images from yet another source, who in turn stole our pictures.
We also think that a professional and reputable web design company, even a small one, would have systems in place to record the sourcing of their images, whether outsourced or internal. We, for example, keep our raw (jpeg) images as from the camera, then keep copies at various stages of processing. This way we can prove ownership, and we can also create extra copies at different sizes and resolutions as required.
Surely before shooting an extremely unprofessional, and poorly thought out, e-mail off to the copyright owners, 4W could and should have immediately checked their own records, removed and replaced the relevant images from their client's website without delay, then contacted us with a suitably grovelling apology.

Our E-mail
It was quite late on a Saturday when we noticed 4W Web Design's e-mail, well after most sensible folk would have finished work for the week, and gone home. The author skimmed through the message a little too quickly, and failed to notice that we were asked to reply to 4W Web Design. We do not have much time and patience for copyright thieves, who usually claim the equivalent of "It wasn't me guv", before whinging that we should spoil our beautiful photographs by slapping a large visible copyright sign or watermark or them. We responded slightly too quickly, and sent our reply to Elm's e-mail address but with a salutation to Mr Broughton. We hope the two parties can work it out between themselves soon.
4W Web Design's e-mail is like a car thief challenging the rightful owner to prove it's his own car, so it's hardly surprising we did not have the patience to deal with it in a more measured manner.

Monday, Monday...
We created this page on Monday evening, so 4W Web Design had all day today to correct this extremely serious problem, but appear to have failed to do so.
If our web pages are incorrectly stating or suggesting that Elm Investments are dishonest rather than simply careless in their choice of web designers, then 4W Web Design are permitting Elm to be defamed through 4W Web Design's fault. If we were Elm, we would be extremely annoyed about this, and be threatening 4W with legal action.

More to follow...

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Other Copyright Abuse

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