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When to Use a One (1) Day Sale Auction Listing on eBay
If the item you are trying to sell is stolen, you have used other people's copyright photographs, or you are expecting an imminent visit from the police, then consider using a 1-day sale format.

eBay Advice Differs from Ours
eBay advise using a 1-day listing when:

1-day listings are normally used when you want to sell an item quickly and an item is time sensitive, such as concert tickets or vacation packages.

When to offer a 1-day listing
Offer a 1-day listing if:

    You want to sell items quickly in an auction-style format, including listings with a Buy It Now option.
  • You're selling time-sensitive items (for example, event tickets, airline tickets, vacation packages, tee times, food, and so on).
  • You want to take advantage of event-based marketing (for example, 1-day-only product releases).
  • You want to attract more last-minute shoppers during the holiday season. You can schedule 1-day listings as close to the holiday as possible. 1-day listings give you the advantage of being able to mail items to reach your buyers in time for the holiday.

Copyright Thieves & Dodgy Dealers Often USe One Day Sales
There used to be a well known family of spivs (wide-boys) on Blackpool Promenade, who used to say as part of their spiel "We are not here today, gone tomorrow, we are here today, gone tonight".
Their punters used to laugh, not realising that, although the spivs did not actually disappear the same day, it would be difficult getting your money back if there was any problem with what you bought.
Many suspicious and fraudulent listings that we notice on eBay are using our photographs, possibly because they do not actually own the item they are trying to "sell", or possibly because they are too lazy or too stupid to take their own photo. It's easier to steal somebody else's photograph. Even if they do own an example of the item being offered for sale, it may be in poor condition (this is important for coins), so finding a ready made photograph of a better condition coin might induce potential buyers to part with more money for it, and may of course increase the number of buyers, thereby increasing the competition to buy it, and raising the price.
When we first saw eBay advice page about when to use a 1 day listing, we fell about laughing, expecting it to say it was perfect for stolen goods, counterfeit goods, copyright infringing items, etc. Of course we were not totally surprised to observe that eBay advice was slightly different.

Stolen Goods on eBay?
Who would believe it?
eBay has surely taken over your local pub, pawn shop, cash converters, or neighbourhood loan shark as the world's biggest market for stolen goods. eBay must know this, unless they are totally stupid or naive, neither of which we would believe. Of course, they dare hardly admit this inconvenient but almost certain fact, so they have to keep up a pretence, with its associated propaganda, such as "We believe people are basically good"
Some time ago now, we were talking to a police officer about stolen goods, and it seemed to be the general opinion that eBay was now the world's biggest outlet for stolen goods.

Selling Gold Coins by Traditional Auction Houses
We have created a separate page about selling gold coins via a traditional auctioneer.

Selling Gold Coins to Us

New - Buy / Sell Prices on Gold Sovereign 4 Coin Proof Sets
We have recently created a new version of our original Proof Sovereign Sets page, with buy and sell prices quoted.

Buying Gold Coins & Bars on eBay

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