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Copyright Theft
Perhaps we should be flattered by the number of people including dealers who continually infringe our IP (Intellectual Property) rights by using our copyright images, but we do not find it amusing, and will take legal action against any copyright thieves.

Di Camillo Companion (
Di Camillo Companion ( of Boston are just one of the many websites worldwide who commit copyright theft by using our copyright images without our permission. This is dishonest.
Di Camillo Companion ( of Boston, Massachusetts are using a number of our photographs:

  1. British Money Sovereign Page
    This uses our 1836 William IV Sovereign Obverse & Reverse Photographs
    It also appear to use our 2002 Sovereign Obverse & Reverse Photographs

  2. British Money Laurel Page
    For some strange reason, this page has an identity crisis, and contains information about Third Guineas. It uses our 1979 Third Guinea Obverse & Reverse Photographs

  3. British Money Guinea Page
    This uses our 1971 George III Spade Guinea Obverse & Reverse Photographs

  4. British Money Pound Page
    This uses our 1983 Pound Coin DECUS ET TUTAMEN Edge Inscriptions Photograph

  5. Other Pages?
    There may well be other pages which used or stil use our images. We note some, but not all of the pages we cite are now inaccessible.
British Money Home Page - Introduction
British Money
Home Page
Please note that we are not experts in British currency.
We do not deal in British coinage, nor are we able to recommend numismatic dealers.
We cannot provide the value of British currency.
This page is provided solely as a reference to better
understand British money in an historical context.

Di Camillo Companion Home or Index Page
The Di Camillo Companion to British & Irish Country Houses
Visiting a country house is an adventure for me. The experience is never the same twice. Each house continues to unfold and hypnotize long after I've returned from my visit. The magic of discovering these gems is unlike any other experience. (If you'd like to know what a country house is, click here; to view a slide show giving an overview of country houses and country house gardens, click here).
British and Irish country houses have been my chief passion since my adolescence. The DiCamillo Companion to British & Irish Country Houses came about as the result of an attempt to catalog, for my personal reference, the many country houses of Britain and Ireland. Originally I simply wanted to record whether each house were standing or demolished, but then other relevant details seemed increasingly necessary to add, and the list took on a life of its own. What began as an avocation became a serious quest, now in its 11th year, to develop a database of all the country houses ever built in Britain and Ireland.
The Database is updated daily, with information coming from professional journals, my 1,800-volume library on country houses and allied subjects, and from contributors around the world who kindly provide information and photographs. The Database currently contains records for more than 7,100 houses, with images for over 1,180 houses, and listings of over 570 houses where movie and TV filming has taken place. This undertaking will compile as many details as can be found about the houses, families who occupied them, and their estates, in a standardized format. The project will take many years to complete, but I believe that the Database is already a major resource, and the only comprehensive one online, for thumbnail information on these magnificent houses. Click here to enter The Database of Houses.
To learn more, click on About The Database of Houses. If you'd like to see our guide to the proper (British) pronunciation of house names, click here.
I enthusiastically encourage you to offer new information on houses, or corrections to existing information.
This site is maintained for the scholarly dissemination and exchange of information on these amazing houses -- one of Western civilization's greatest repositories of culture and art.
-Curt DiCamillo, FRSA* Boston, Massachusetts

Image Locations
Some of the images we discovered were located here:

As we can see that The Di Camillo Companion website does indeed appear to be intended to educate and inform, and carries liittle or no advertising, we are happy to accept that it is a non-commercial site, and as such we would be happy for it to use our images. As stated in our Copyright Notice page, we expect a clear credit and link placed close to each of our images used.

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Organisation Address. Boston
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Admin Name........... Curt DiCamillo
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"The DiCamillo Companion" owns about 8 other domains is associated with about 9 domains

What's Wrong?
Copyright Abuse is dishonest, except in a few rare cases where the copyright infringement is said to be innocent.
Where the copyright abuse is by a business, it is difficult to believe there is any business of any size which is not aware of copyright. When sites claim copyright then they can hardly claim to be innocent abusers.

Our Images
We have shown our own image so that you can compare, although we have long since upgraded this image on our own websites.

Our Opinion
We have a very low opinion of other dealers who steal our images, and use them to compete with us. It is dishonest. We could sue these people, possibly for thousands of dollars, but it costs time and money, and even though we would win and be awarded costs, we might not be able to recover the costs if the copyright thieves turned out to be impecunious or insolvent. That's why we have decided to give these crooks some free advertising our our website, something which we do not normally provide even for payment.
We would not recommend anybody to transact business with copyright thieves including Di Camillo Companion Gioielli of Boston. If they will steal our pictures, what would they do to your money or your gold?

Copyright Notice
Please see our "Copyright" page for further information.

Copyright Infringements Remedies
Our suggested draft remedies for copyright abusers dependent on category - competitors, bloggers, pseudo-expert & advice sites acting as eBay & Google portals, eBay & other auction site sellers.

Other Copyright Abuse

Other Copyright Abuse

Other Web Sites
All comments about copyright also cover content of all our other websites including, but not limited to:-

Di Camillo Companion ( British Money Pound Page
Di Camillo Companion ( British Money Pound Page

Our Images
DECUS ET TUTAMEN Edge Lettering on 1983 British Pound Coin
DECUS ET TUTAMEN Edge Lettering on 1983 British Pound Coin


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