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DAC Coins David A. Cambria ( & Copyright Theft
DAC Coins David A. Cambria ( of Staten Island, New York,USA is yet another dishonest dealer who has used our copyright images without permission.

Copyright Theft is Dishonest - Can You Trust This Dealer?
Using other people's copyright images is illegal, it is dishonest, and it is unethical. Using the hard work of a fellow dealer to sell the same goods in competition with him demonstrates an extremely low standard of ethics. We would not recommend anybody to transact business with this person or company.

DAC Coins Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Page

The Purest Gold Coin in the World.
The Canadian Maple Leaf coin is minted at the Royal Canadian Mint in Canada and is their official gold coin. It is known as being the purest gold coin of regular issue in the world. The gold content of this coin is .9999% fineness, meaning that it is 24 karat. Having no base metal mixed in, you're getting a "CHUNK" of gold out of the mines in Canada.
The Gold Maple Leaf Competes with Krugerrand.
First issued in 1979, the Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin was to compete with the South African Krugerrand that was being boycotted by the Canadian government and other countries as well. The man behind the founding of the Canadian Maple Leaf coin was William Ott. The 1979 and 1981 coins have a gold content of .999 fineness. On the obverse of the 1-ounce gold coin is the portrait of Elizabeth II, Queen of England. The reverse of the Maple Leaf, shows the inscription "CANADA" above and "FINE GOLD 1oz Or Pur" below. On the sides of the Maple Leaf can be found .9999, the gold fineness of the coin.
Different Denominations for the Canadian Maple Leaf.
In 1982 the Canadian Maple Leaf was struck in 1/10 oz., 1/4 oz., and 1 oz. denominations. In 1986 the 1/2 oz. coin was added. The year 1993 saw the 1/20 oz. gold coin issued. The addition of the 1/15 oz. coin was made in 1994. The diameter of the gold coins range from 14.10mm to 30mm. Face value of these gold coins is from $1 to $50. The 1oz., 1/2oz., 1/4oz., 1/10oz. and the 1/20oz. gold coins have the same design. The markings on the obverse and reverse of these coins indicate the weight and face values. The 1/15 oz. ($2 face value) gold and platinum coins were not popular and mintage was stopped the same year. Remember that these coins are legal tender in Canada. The face values are less than the price of gold today.
The Canadian Maple Leaf Struck in Platinum, Silver and Palladium.
A Platinum Maple Leaf having the same face values as the gold coins was issued in 1988. The platinum coins have a purity of .9995 fineness. From 1988 to 1993, the portrait of the Queen was young 39 year old. In 1994 that was changed to a mature 64 year old Queen. Mintage of platinum Maple Leafs stopped in 2002.
Introduction of the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf in 1-ounce weight began in 1988 and continues until today. This 1oz. coin has a silver purity of .9999 fineness. There are three different stages to show the maturity of the Queen. The silver Maple Leaf has a face value of five-dollars ($5).
The year 2005 saw the issuance of the Palladium Maple Leaf 1-ounce coin. Having a face value of fifty-dollars ($50) and a purity of .9995 palladium. The portrait of the Queen is shown as being much older. The Palladium Maple Leaf is considered as a replacement to the Platinum Maple Leaf coin that was discontinued in 2002.
Royal Canadian Mint Celebrates Twenty-Fifth Anniversary.
The Royal Canadian Mint in celebrating twenty-five years of minting bullion coins, struck a six coin set of Bimetallic Maple Leafs. The coins have the dates 1979-2004 inscribed on them. A 1/25 oz. coin was included in the set. All coins have .9999 silver and .9999 gold in their makeup. Denominations are from 1/25 oz. to the 1oz. coin. The smallest has a face value of fifty-cents and the largest a fifty-dollar face value.
The RCM having an abundance of precious metals to work with, has minted and made available many special issues. There is the two hundred-dollar ($200) gold coin. The one million-dollar bullion coin that weighs 100 kilograms of 99.999% gold, was issued in 2007. You can also fined Coloured Gold Maple Leaf and Hologram Gold Maple Leaf coins that were minted in 1999.
As you can see there is a large selection of Canadian Maple Leafs to chose from, anyone of which would fit well in your coin collection.

Copyright 2009 DAC Coins All rights reserved.

Who would have thought such honest (although they do not claim this) respectable people would resort to stealing images from their competitors?

What's Wrong?
Using the work of other people to pass off as your own is dishonest. We can identify at least one of the coins on DAC Coins Canadian Gold Maple Leaf page as using our photograph.
In addition, David A. Cambria makes some important factual omissions, possibly demonstrating his lack of knowledge. Anybody reading our Maples Information page could discover the factually accurate truth written by experts.
If David A. Cambria were more careful or observant, he would have noticed that the photograph of the coin shown on his page, although a 2008 coin, is "only" a .9999 version, the .99999 coins have a dodecagonal inner border.

Our Opinion
The entire website is probably completely useless, and contains little or no original content, except for its inaccuracies. We guess all the images are available elsewhere, and the information contained is wrong or misleading in numerous places.

Copyright - Innocent Infringement?
There is apparently such a thing as "innocent copyright infringement), however we believe that it is extremely rare. If people do not realise it is wrong, this is possibly because they prefer and choose to remain ignorant.
In any case, this particular infringer has a copyright notice on each page of his website stating "Copyright 2009 DAC Coins All rights reserved."!

As often happens with this type of low quality website, there is no "About Us" page, and no clue as to the owner or author. We think sites like this should be avoided.
To find more, we performed a domain search:

David A. Cambria
176 Wirt Ave.
Staten Island, New York 10309
United States
Created on: 27-Aug-08
Expires on: 27-Aug-10
Last Updated on: 24-Aug-09
Administrative Contact:
Cambria, David A.
176 Wirt Ave.
Staten Island, New York 10309
United States
17189670222 Fax --
Technical Contact:
Cambria, David A.
176 Wirt Ave.
Staten Island, New York 10309
United States
17189670222 Fax --
Domain servers in listed order:

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DAC Coins Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Page
DAC Coins Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Page

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Reverse of 2008 Canadian One Ounce gold Maple Leaf Coin
Reverse of 2008 Canadian One Ounce gold Maple Leaf Coin

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