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British Gold 4/5 Coin Proof Sets
We can offer a complete collection of modern four and five coin sets, starting in 1980, up to the present date - 2012.

Four or Five Coins?
The four original gold coins we refer to are, of course, the gold sovereign and half sovereign, along with the two pound coin, often called a double sovereign, and a five pound gold coin. In 2009, the Royal Mint introduced the quarter sovereign and this was included in the sets.

Save over 30,000!
It is difficult to calculate exactly what the Royal Mint would charge for these sets as they do not tend to sell backdated products. We have based our estimate on the current price of the 2012 five coin set (4,000) and then for the pre 2009 sets we have deducted their retail price for the quarter sovereign (130). This estimate is probably lower than what the Royal Mint would charge as we know from past experience that when they do sell backdated products they sell them at even higher prices!

Unlike the Royal Mint we are able to offer back-dated sets and at extremely competitive prices too! Not only that but we are happy to explain our pricing strategy.
The majority of our sets are sold (in this collection) at a 20% premium over the intrinsic gold content, the exceptions are the 1989 and the 2012 set. 1989 commands a higher price due to the current market value and the 2012 price had to be based on our cost price. Our cost price was considerably higher this year due to the Royal Mint increasing all of their prices dramatically for 2012 - both retail and trade. At the time of writing this works out at a 68% premium - which is shocking when you consider that we are able to sell some bullion coins at a 1% premium! Specifications
Five Pounds36.0239.941.1771St George & Dragon
Two Pounds28.4015.980.4708St George & Dragon
Sovereign (Pound)22.057.990.2354St George & Dragon
Half Sovereign (Fifty Pence)19.303.990.1177St George & Dragon
Quarter Sovereign*13.501.9970.0588St George & Dragon
Total (Four Coin Set) 67.902.0011 
Total (Five Coin Set)* 67.902.0599 

Notes on Table
Weight = gross weight in grams.
AGW = Actual intrinsic gold weight in troy ounces.
* Introduced in 2009.

Complete Collection
We can offer a complete (modern) date set of twenty seven dates (1980-2012).

When compared to the Royal Mint price of £105,240.00 you will make a saving of £105,240.00 per item when ordering from us.

Quantity Rate Buy
Call to check availability

Notes to Table
Issue £ = Original Royal Mint issue price in Pounds sterling.
4* = 4 coins plus silver Pistrucci medallion, 1993.
NC* = No Certificate.
Issue Limit = The maximum authorised issue quantity.
Mintage = The actual quantity issued, if known.

More Information
More information about British gold sets is available on our British Gold Sets Information page.

You may wish to use our order form.

Postage & Packing
UK Registered Post (Special Delivery) £9 per order, plus £1 per £1,000
EU Insured Post £10 per order, plus £1 per £1,000
USA Airmail $10,
Insured Shipping $20, plus $1 per $1,000
Canada Airmail $15,
Insured Shipping $30, plus $1 per $1,000

1980 Four Coin Sovereign Set in Presentation Box
1980 Four Coin Sovereign Set in Presentation Box

British Gold Sets Information

3 Coin Gold Sets For Sale

1989 Four Coin Sovereign Set in Presentation Box
1989 Four Coin Sovereign Set in Presentation Box

006 Four Coin Sovereign Set in Presentation Box
2006 Four Coin Sovereign Set in Presentation Box

2010 Gold Sovereign 5 Coin Proof Set in Case
2012 Five Coin Sovereign Set in Presentation Box


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