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Independent Coin Grading Services Compared

In 2002, PNG and ICTA conducted a survey of independent or professional American coin grading services.
"Responding to hobby concerns about perceived wide variances in the grading standards between different rare coin certification services, the Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG) and the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA) asked their members for their professional opinions."
Survey respondents were asked to rate seven different grading services on a ten-point scale to evaluate 11 different criteria, from grading accuracy to the quality of the holder in which certified coins were housed. The voting scale ranged from "unacceptable" at the low end to "outstanding" at the high end.

PNG ITCTA Grading Survey Criteria

Grading Accuracy (MS&PR 60 +)
Grading Accuracy (AG-3 to AU-58)
Ability to detect Altered, Repaired, Damaged, Cleaned and Counterfeits
Accuracy of all Attributions
Grading Guarantees
General Marketability
Availability of Pricing Information
Customer Service (Phone, Print & Internet)
Cost for Service Provided
Turnaround Time
Quality of Certified Holder

List of Independent Coin Grading Services

with PNG ITCTA Grading Survey results (Rating), where applicable
AcronymNameBased inCommencedRating
ACGASA AccugradeFlorida, USA1984Unacceptable
ANACSAnderson PressTexas, USA1972Average
HallmarkHallmarkUSA ??*N/A
ICCSIndependent Coin Certification Service Inc.Canada?N/A
ICGIndependent Coin GradingColorado, USA 1998Average
NGCNumismatic Guaranty CorporationUSA1987Superior
NTCNumistrust CorporationFlorida, USA?N/A
PCGSProfessional Coin Grading ServicesUSA1986Superior
PCIPhoto Certified InstituteGeorgia, USA1989Poor
SEGSSovereign Entities Grading Service Inc.Tennessee, USA?Poor


* Hallmark are no longer in business.

Slabbed Coins For Sale

Independent Coin Grading Services

Slabbed Coins, Discussion of Merits and Demerits
We discuss the pro's and con's of slabbed coins.

Slabbed 2005 Proof Gold Five Pounds

Slabbed 2005 Proof Gold Five Pounds

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