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Is Gold Still a Good Investment Now That the Election is Over and the Bailout is Happening

Nov 23
Bill Peterson
A few months or even weeks ago, gold seemed like a great investment. Now some things may have changed and people are wondering, "Should I still buy gold?"
Gold is still a very good investment and here's why. First of all, though we have elected a new President and the bailout seems to be going forward, these are still time of great uncertainty. It seems that every time we get a bit of good news and the market starts to rally, it quickly returns to its downward spiral, and no one knows where the bottom is, yet. We also donít know if the bailout is a cure or a curse. That sounds like a very big gamble to me.
If you want an idea of where we are going, take a look at the past. It is a cinch that people fail to learn from the past, in fact, it was the great economist, Kenneth Galbraith, who said that market crashes are inevitable because the investing public has a short memory so every thirty years or so, a new crop of suckers, (his words, not mine) are born. A new group buys into the market as a wonderful money machine and thinks all they have to do is invest their savings and they will retire millionaires. Well sometimes that happens, and sometimes it doesn't.
Fear and greed are the two main factors that drive the market and right now they are working together to drive it over a cliff. As I write this the price of oil is $60 a barrel, down from its recent high of $147. If that kind of swing, volatility, of such a huge commodity doesn't have you concerned about the markets, then you are sleeping.
As I said previously, just look at the past to see where we are going. When the Great Depression hit, it didn't come as a surprise to many people. Some top economists had predicted it and there had also been several panics that were halted by interventions. Like the early rumblings of an earthquake, they were clear warnings of what was to come, and yet many people left their money in the market thinking that the interventions would solve everything.
As history has proven, the intervention by such great and powerful men as the banker, Mitchell and Durante, the founder of GMC, did nothing but lure more to leave their money in the market until it was too late. Donít make the same mistakes they did and donít be fooled by the moves of some great investors. They are no different than Durante and many others who were considered the financial geniuses of their times. Now, this very day, in my opinion, is the time to buy precious metals.

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