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2014 Quarter Sovereign

The 2014 sovereign family features the traditional St. George and Dragon design by Benedetto Pistrucci.

Buying From Chard

Our prices will show a worthwhile saving compared with buying from the Royal Mint at their official price.

Buying from us you also get the benefit of buying from expert professional numismatists who have been in the business for over 40 years. While we appreciate the Royal Mint have existed for longer, we know more about sovereigns than they do!

Quarter Sovereigns

Unfortunately we have yet to hear whether The Royal Mint are producing an uncirculated version this year.

The proof version was received into stock during December 2013. Priced at £109 it is £6 cheaper buying from Chard than buying from The Royal Mint.

Update - 21st January

Only five weeks after we purchased our coins, The Royal Mint have decided to reduce their prices, from £115 to £110. We are still slightly cheaper but we are making almost no profit on this coin. As you can imagine, both customers who purchased theirs at the higher price, and dealers like ourselves, are not happy with this news.

If The Royal Mint continue to drop their prices to amounts equal to, or lower than the trade prices, we may need to stop stocking Royal Mint products, as there will be no need to, and customers may as well go directly to the mint. If this happens, The Royal Mint will no longer have any competition and with a complete monopoly over the market, will be able to increase their prices to over-inflated amounts once more, with no option for customers to purchase from elsewhere.

For more information please see our blog post here.

Issue Limits

The issue limit of the 2014 gold proof quarter sovereign is 4,575.

Also Available in the Five Coin Sets...

Please see our 2014 British Gold 5 Coin Sovereign Proof Sets for further news.

Other Coins

We also have the 2014 sovereign available in both uncirculated and proof and the proof half sovereign.


Denomination Diameter Weight AGW* Description
Quarter Sovereign 13.50 1.997 0.0588 St George & Dragon

Notes on Table

Weight = gross weight in grams.
*AGW = Actual intrinsic gold weight in troy ounces.

2014 Quarter Proof Sovereign

When compared to the Royal Mint price of £115.00 you will make a saving of £115.00 per item when ordering from us.

Quantity Rate Buy
Call to check availability

Please check our Standard Terms for Bullion Coins.
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Postage & Packing

UK at Buyer's Risk £3.50 per order, or...
UK Fully Insured £9 per order
EU Insured Post £10 per order
USA Airmail at Buyer's Risk $10 US, or...
USA Insured Shipping $20 US
Canada Airmail at Buyer's Risk $15 Can, or...
Canada Insured Shipping via Fedex $40 Can
Obverse of 2014 Gold Proof Quarter Sovereign

Obverse of 2014 Gold Proof Quarter Sovereign

Obverse of 2014 Gold Proof Quarter Sovereign

Reverse of 2014 Gold Proof Quarter Sovereign

2014 Gold Proof Quarter Sovereign in Presentation Box

2014 Gold Proof Quarter Sovereign in Presentation Box

Obverse of 2014 Gold Proof Quarter Sovereign Certificate

Obverse of 2014 Gold Proof Quarter Sovereign Certificate

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