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eBay Members & Copyright Theft
Many eBay sellers, including dealers continually infringe our IP (Intellectual Property) rights by using our copyright images. We invest considerable time and money in our photographs, and do not appreciate their misappropriation by eBay members or others, especially when they are using our effort to compete with us.

Copyright Notice
Please see our "Copyright" page for further information.

Copyright Thieves on eBay
We already have a page naming and shaming dealers using our images without permission. It's time we did the same for eBay, although if we include them all, this could be a very long page.
This page only contains 50 items from 2008, although we did not start naming and shaming until late in 2007, and it is incomplete.

Seller IDItem NumberDateDescriptionPrice
phxsdla32022657949112th Mar 2008One Oz Krugerrand Fine Gold$910.05
phxsdla32022709539012th Mar 2008One Ounce Krugerrand Fine Gold$970
contracthireman18022155452712th Mar 2008Pair of Charles & Diana Wedding Crowns£1.99
contracthireman18022155526712th Mar 2008Queen Mother 80th Birthday Crown£0.99
contracthireman18022198248212th Mar 2008Churchill Crown£1.75
fiona107512023072599212th Mar 20081987 Gold Proof Double Sovereign with box and COA£234
alwaysandrews37003033957312th Mar 2008OLD 50P UK COIN 1981VERY HARD TO FIND£0.49
walt13013020350440212th Mar 20082004 QE11 UNC. FULL GOLD SOVEREIGN (STILL IN PLASTIC)£80
hughcompscan212023028310812th Mar 2008Churchill Crown 1965, 5 shillings(25p)£0.99
baytrader2322021098694012th Mar 2008TWO (2) 1908 Gold British Sovereign Gold Coins£449.99
deedandon1j37003115518712th Mar 2008Gold Sovereign 1899 Uncirculated Victoria Veil Head£0.99
goingfast329021334774912th Mar 20081979 South African Krugerrands ( 10 pack) Gold Coins !$5,000
goingfast329021332546812th Mar 2008One Ounce 1983 South African Krugerrands ( Ten Pack)$1,000
wilmogs20019525020499064421st Jan 2008krugerrand gold coin£450
gardengamesandleisure28019267202518th Jan 20081958 Full British Sovereign, 22 Carat Gold Coin, Cased£121
treasureminx15023829522421st Apr 20081974 Krugerrand -- 1oz pure gold -- NR! 1/7$0.99
treasureminx15023829551921st Apr 20081974 Krugerrand -- 1oz pure gold -- NR! 2/7$0.99
treasureminx150238295717 21st Apr 20081974 Krugerrand -- 1oz pure gold -- NR! 3/7$0.99
treasureminx15023829594321st Apr 20081974 Krugerrand -- 1oz pure gold -- NR! 4/7$0.99
treasureminx15023829614421st Apr 20081974 Krugerrand -- 1oz pure gold -- NR! 5/7$0.99
treasureminx15023899371921st Apr 20081974 Krugerrand -- 1oz pure gold -- NR! 6/7$0.99
treasureminx15023829650221st Apr 20081974 Krugerrand -- 1oz pure gold -- NR! 7/7$0.99
treasureminx15023900125921st Apr 20081974/79 Krugerrand - message to my bidders$0.01
superiorcoinsuk20021760398026th Apr 20081997 SOLID GOLD PROOF COIN-THE GOLDEN HIND-UNC & CASED£29.95
touranvwpower22021904672217th Mar 2008SOUTH AFRICA KRUGERRAND GOLD COINS 10 pack CASED$
touranvwpower22021904673717th Mar 2008SOUTH AFRICA KRUGERRAND GOLD COINS 10 pack CASED$
touranvwpower22020462758631st Mar 2008SOUTH AFRICA KRUGERRAND GOLD COINS 10 pack CASED?$
touranvwpower22022520660618th Apr 2008SOUTH AFRICA KRUGERRAND GOLD COINS 10 pack CASED$9,306
stuff5651902251536672nd Jun 20081979 Elizabeth 22ct Gold Full Sovereign. NEAR PERFECT£145
lifesaver999030023340523413th Jun 2008QUEEN ELIZABETH II 1982 GOLD HALF SOVEREIGN£0.99
lifesaver999030023340523413th Jun 2008QUEEN ELIZABETH II 1982 GOLD HALF SOVEREIGN£0.99
sorrentonika1802605831728th July 2008ORO LINGOTTO DA UN ONCIA 31,10 GRAMMI€581
EstateJewelry66 Twin City Gold31007120743130th July 20082007 1/4 OZ US MINT AMERICAN EAGLE GOLD BULLION COIN BU$349.99
Au_Coins Gold Coin Investments12030376601711th Sep 2008THE 2007 GOLD PROOF BRITANNIA FOUR COIN SET(cased+cert)£1,295
Capital1Gold32029500174511th Sep 20081 Gram Pamp Suisse Gold bar Fresh pure gold 999.9% $44.99
carrconnection1302500692230th Aug 20081 Pound Foreign Coins 5 BIG Silver + 1 Gold GUARANTEED$157
upjohn25216029303963625th Oct 2008Chinese Panda 1 OZ .999 % Pure Gold 2006$1,325
gnarly_deals12032275814525th Oct 20081947 MEXICO 50 PESOS GOLD MEXICAN PESO COIN UNCIRC$1,100
electricdreams_12322029936067425th Oct 2008two pound coin doves of peace£0.99
bymoney16029439699125th Oct 2008GOLD UK Sovereign 1893 Coin .235421 oz of Gold$501.55
amexhui28027564342025th Oct 20081987 UK ROYAL MINT * PROOF GOLD SOVEREIGN * 4 COIN SET$1,199
ahoppy5715030437168625th Oct 20081975 100 BALBOA GOLD COIN OF PANAMA$195
sampleslab25031409846925th Oct 20082001 GREAT BRITAIN PROOF 100Pnd 1 OZ. GOLD BRITANNIA$970
will_ship_world_wide29026782136625th Oct 2008 ?Special?Edition?2007?Maple?Leaf?99999?Pure?Gold?1oz?$997
Specialty OutletsTo Follow7th Nov 2008VEINTE 20 PESOS MEXICO/MEXICAN GOLD COIN 1/2 oz BULLION$
Specialty OutletsTo Follow7th Nov 2008DIEZ 10 PESOS MEXICO/MEXICAN GOLD COIN 1/4 oz BULLION$
irarity350121091827th Nov 20082008 New American Gold Buffalo US Coins Bullion 1oz$
sifi_diamond-gold.exchange3002715784797th Nov 2008-$
jms4401302663953737th Nov 2008American Gold Eagle 2007 1/10 oz£500

eBay Copyright Thieves - Other Years

Dishonest eBay PowerSellers
Is this tautological?
You might be surprised at the number of eBay so-called PowerSellers who are dishonest and lazy enough to steal our images instead of taking their own photographs. According to eBay, their PowerSellers are "the pillars of our community". Pillocks more like!
But then, the more we see of eBay, the more we think of a den of thieves.

Seller ID. There is nothing to stop eBay members changing their "Seller ID", or opening a new account.
Item Number. We may have shown only one out of many similar items.
Date = End date or date added to this page if item still current.
Description = Description as used by the seller as his item title.
Price = Final selling price if known, otherwise "Current Price", or "Starting bid".

Highest eBay Feedback Member & PowerSeller in Copyright Abuse
Over 16,000 and still stealing images!

eBay Index

eBay Fail to Remove Reported Infringements
We look forward to suing the pants off the greedy and negligent b**stards.
Here is one example 2003 Proof Krugerrand

Alphabetical Listing of Other Copyright Theft Sites

Auctiva, eBay, & Copyright
Be careful about using Auctiva if you do not respect IP rights.

View More Items From This Seller
Similarly, be more careful if you use this eBay marketing feature.

eBay Top Rated Sellers & Copyright Theft

Copyright Abuser Categories
With more than 500 examples of copyright fheft, we are having to split the types and categories of copyright thieves.

Other Web Sites
All comments about copyright also cover content of all our other websites including, but not limited to:-

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The Most Copied Coin Image on the Internet

The Second Most Copied Coin Image on the Internet
The Second Most Copied Coin Image on the Internet


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