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2005 British Gold 4 Coin Proof Sets Encapsulated

2005 British Gold 4 Coin Proof Sets
You may wish to see our original page for the normal version of this set.

Grading & Encapsulation

It has become commonplace in the USA for older, more valuable, collector coins to be independently graded by a professional grading service. The coins are then encapsulated to ensure that they cannot be switched, and to retain their condition. This is now known as "slabbing". Starting in 1985, there are currently 4 main professional coin grading service companies operating in the US.
It should not be necessary for new, modern issue coins to be independently graded, but it seems to be happening with increasing frequency.
It's our view that this is a feature of modern marketing. It adds to the cost of producing the product, and this extra probably gets added to the consumer's purchase price, although it does little to add to long term value.
If their is any consumer benefit, this may be to ensure better quality control before distribution, but this is something which moderately eagle-eyed customers could do on their own.
The downside is that owners cannot remove their own coins to handle them without destroying the packaging, which rather removes some of the joys of ownership.

Superior Wooden Box

Our preamble about "slabbing" over, we can say that this particular set comes in a superior wooden box, rather than the usual leatherette box.
We have offered this set for sale at £50 over the price of our normal set, mainly for the more impressive box.

PCGS - Professional Coin Grading Service

PCGS, The Professional Coin Grading Service began serving the coin-buying public on February 3, 1986; and is generally recognised as the market leader.

Issue Limits

For 2005 the issue limit is only 2,500 sets, which is quite low compared with many other recent sets. We do not know how many of these graded & encapsulated sets were included.


Five Pounds36.0239.941.1771New St George & Dragon
Two Pounds28.4015.980.4708New St George & Dragon
Sovereign (Pound)22.057.990.2354New St George & Dragon
Half Sovereign (Fifty Pence)19.303.990.1177New St George & Dragon
Total 67.902.0011 

Notes on Table

*AGW = Actual intrinsic gold weight in troy ounces.

We can offer British gold 4 coin sets as follows:-

Prices & Availability

The prices quoted in the US $ column may be out of date due to currency fluctuations.
DateDescriptionMintageIssue £Price £Price $
2005Four coin gold set, £5 to half sovereign, graded & encapsulated2,500£ *Ask$Ask

Notes on Table

* = Not Known by Us.

More Information

More information about British gold sets is available on our British Gold Sets Information page.

You may wish to use our order form.

Postage & Packing

UK Registered Post (Special Delivery) £9 per order, plus £1 per £1,000
EU Insured Post £10 per order, plus £1 per £1,000
USA Airmail $10,
Insured Shipping via Fedex $20, plus $1 per $1,000
Canada Airmail $15,
Insured Shipping via Fedex $30, plus $1 per $1,000

Independent Coin Grading Services

2005 Four Coin Cased Proof Set Five Pounds to Half Sovereign Encapsulated in Wooden Box

2005 Four Coin Cased Proof Set Five Pounds to Half Sovereign Encapsulated in Wooden Box

British Gold Sets Information

British 4 Coin Gold Sets For Sale

2004 Gold 4 Coin Set

2005 Gold 3 Coin Set

2005 Proof Gold Five Pounds in Sealed PCGS Capsule

2005 Proof Gold Five Pounds in Sealed PCGS Capsule

Preferred Customer Club Letter

Preferred Customer Club Letter


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