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The Natura Series
The South African Mint produces a series of "Natura" coins, starting in 1994, each of the four different sized coins bears a different attractive design based on the theme for that year. The first five years formed a series within the Natura series, known as the "Big Five". From 1999, there was a new series "Monarchs of Africa".

Fine Gold
The gold coins in the Natura series are struck in 24 carat gold, actually .9999, and are South Africa's first fine gold coins.

We can probably do no better than to quote the information on the certificate which accopanies the set:-

2003 Natura - Wild Cats of Africa
The Lion - Pride of Africa

The lion is undoubtedly Africa's "King of the Beasts", The Zulu name for lion is "Ingonyama" meaning "master of all power and flesh". The Shona people call the lion "Shumba", or "the greatest ruler of all". Aside from their sheer power, the strength achieved through family alliances leaves them unmatched as a group. Lions are the only significant social cats and the bond enjoyed by prides offers not only communal defence but also the opportunity to breed successfully.
Lionesses form the core of the pride and by combining their strength, they are able to repel foreign males in the temporary absence of the pride's males thereby providing security to their cubs. Females produce cubs every three years and pride lionesses often produce cubs in synchrony. The cubs remain dependent on their mother's milk up to eight or nine months, although they generally start feeding on meat from approximately three months of age. Males are ousted from the pride at around three years of age and often join force with other males in search of their own territories.
"The Lion - Royalty of Africa", is the second theme in the South African Mint's Natura series "The Wild Cats of Africa". Following on from "The Cheetah - Athlete of Africa" which featured in 2002, the 2003 theme portrays the king and queen of the African savannah. The obverse is a portrait of a dominant male and a dominant female. The coin with its classic features depicts the royalty of the African lion.
This obverse, common to all four coins, was modelled by Master Engraver Arthur Sutherland, now retired after 40 illustrious years as engraver and chief engraver with the South African Mint, It is fitting theat such an historical career be crowned with "the royal family" of Africa!

Technical Specifications
The following tables summarise the specifications of all the sizes.

SizeDiameterWeightFinenessGold Content Gold Content
 mms.Grams/1.000GramsTroy Ounces

Artists and Diesinkers
Obverse Die-SinkerA. L. SutherlandA. L. SutherlandA. L. SutherlandA. L. Sutherland
Obverse ArtistN. van NiekerkN. van NiekerkN. van NiekerkN. van Niekerk
Reverse Die-SinkerA. MinnieP. BotesM. J. ScheepersC. Moses
Reverse ArtistN. van NiekerkN. van NiekerkN. van NiekerkN. van Niekerk

Complete Boxed Natura Gold Proof Sets
2003Lion 700

Key to Table
Mintage: Most recent figures quoted in Krause.

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Obverse of 2003 Proof Natura One Ounce Coin
Obverse of 2003 Proof One Ounce Gold Natura Coin

Natura Proof Sets

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Reverse of 2003 Proof One Ounce Natura Gold Coin
Reverse of 2003 Proof One Ounce Natura Gold Coin

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