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The Natura Series
The South African Mint produces a series of "Natura" coins, starting in 1994, each of the four different sized coins bears a different attractive design based on the theme for that year. The first five years formed a series within the Natura series, known as the "Big Five".

Fine Gold
The gold coins in the Natura series are struck in 24 carat gold, actually .9999, and are South Africa's first fine gold coins.

We can probably do no better than to quote the information on the certificate which accompanies the set:-

1998 Natura
The perfect image of a hunting Leopard instills a thrill of fear. Sleek graceful in movement, wsift in action, almost deceptively loveable when reclining. draped over a thick branch. Amazingly strong, it can drag its 50kg kill up a vertical tree trunk seemingly without effort.
The Leopard is not a gregarious creature, seen only in twos when in a mother and cub combination. The female rears alone, and does so intensely, fiercely, stealthily, pitilessly. One male's territory may overlap those of several females, except for mating, he takes no part in family life.
The pure 24 carat gold Natura p4roof coins have proved to be very popular. the theme of the 1997 coins was the South AFrican Buffalo. Previous presentations were of the Rhino, the Lion and the Elephant - the latter having bben voted "the world's most beautiful coin" for 1996. The 1998 collection portrays the last of the "Big Five", the Leopard which will end this series but lead to a new programme celebrating our national heritage. The common obverse of all four coins is an artistic impression of the head of a growling Leopard stalking its prey. The typography suggests the swishing of a cat's tail and functions ad the binding element of the whole series. The 1 oz design depicts a Leopard lazing in a tree. The 1/2 oz portrays the phenomenon of its enormous strenght and habitual way of safeguarding its kill against threatening scavengers. The 1/4 oz coin shows a female with her offspring, while on the 1/10 oz a Leopard is busy drinking water.

The designs of all the Natura series are, in our opinion, very artistically created and engraved, with themes which may be bold or subtle, but which break away from more traditional coin designs, and with fine detailing and artistic expression more akin to historic medals or medallions.

Technical Specifications
The following tables summarise the specifications of all the sizes.

SizeDiameterWeightFinenessGold Content Gold Content

Artists and Diesinkers
Obverse DesignA. L. SutherlandA. L. SutherlandA. L. SutherlandA. L. Sutherland
Reverse DesignJ. SteynA. MinnieW. LumleyA. Minnie

Complete Boxed Natura Gold Proof Sets

Key to Table
Mintage: Most recent figures quoted in Krause.

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Obverse of 1998 Proof Natura One Ounce Coin
Obverse of 1998 Proof One Ounce Gold Natura Coin

Natura Proof Sets

South Africa Index

Reverse of 1998 Natura Half Ounce Gold Coin
Reverse of 1998 Natura Half Ounce Gold Coin

Reverse of 1998 Natura Quarter Ounce Gold Coin
Reverse of 1998 Natura Quarter Ounce Gold Coin

Reverse of 1998 Natura Tenth Ounce Gold Coin
Reverse of 1998 Natura Tenth Ounce Gold Coin

1998 Natura Gold Medallion
1998 Natura Gold Medallion

1998 South African Natura 4 Coin Gold Collection
1998 South African Natura 4 Coin Gold Collection

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