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1998 Fifty Pence Gold Proof NHS 50th Anniversary | Chards | Tax Free Gold

The fifty pence coin has been the chosen denomination to commemorate significant events in European history.
This tradition continued in 1998 as the United Kingdom celebrated the 50th anniversary of the NHS.
To mark the occasion, the Royal Mint issued a magnificent gold proof fifty pence coin.

NHS - The National Health Service

On 5th July 1948, the dream of a National Health Service finally became a reality. It was a momentous achievement, spearheaded by philanthropists and social reformers alike.
Aneurin Bevan, then Minister of Health, successfully steered the NHS Bill through Parliament. By the nationalisation of all voluntary and municipal hospitals, the bill laid the foundation for a health service that was to provide comprehensive medical treatment for all, according to need rather than the ability to pay.
For the first time, all hospitals, family practitioners, pharmacists, opticians, dentists, and community-based services were brought together under one organisation. Fifty years on the NHS continues to develop and today employs over a million people, boasting the largest workforce of any organisation in Europe.
In celebration of its fiftieth anniversary, the Royal Mint has struck a beautiful gold proof fifty pence coin.

Obverse - Fourth Portrait

All 1998 coins carried the fourth portrait obverse design by Ian Rank-Broadley.

Reverse - National Health Service

The special reverse design, by David Cornell, reflects the hopes and aspirations of the NHS at its inception, symbolising as it does the dawn of a new and caring age.
It shows a pair of hands holding a set of radiating lines with the words "Fiftieth Anniversary", and the value "50". The letters NHS are repeated around the outer rim.

Issue Limit and Low Mintage

The original authorised issue limit was only 1,500 pieces, but only 651 were actually minted and issued, presumably because of low demand at the time. This low mintage figure may well add to the attraction of this coin for some collectors.


DiameterWeightAlloyGold Content
27.3015.50 grams.91660.4600 Troy Ounces

DateDescriptionIssue LimitMintage Official Issue Price
199850th Anniversary NHS1,500651£249

Notes on Table

Issue Price = Official Royal Mint issue price.

Prices & Availability

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Postage & Packing

UK Registered Post (Special Delivery) £9 per order
NHS Insured Post £10 per order
USA Airmail $10,
Insured Shipping $20
Canada Airmail $15,
Insured Shipping $30
Reverse of 1998 NHS 50th Anniversary Fifty Pence Gold Proof

Reverse of 1998 NHS 50th Anniversary Fifty Pence Gold Proof

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Obverse of 1998 Fifty Pence Gold Proof

Obverse of 1998 Fifty Pence Gold Proof

Obverse of 1998 Fifty Pence Gold Proof

1998 Fifty Pence Gold Proof in Box


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