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1677 Charles II Gold Two Guineas
Our 1677 Charles II gold two guinea coin is a delight to own, and we will be sorry when we sell it, but hey! that's our business.

Charles II Guineas & Two Guineas
There are examples of hammered coins for Charles II made between 1660 and 1662, but in 1663 hand-hammering of coins was superseded at the Royal Mint.
The new machine-made or milled coinage was produced using machinery supplied by Blondeau, and dies were prepared by brothers John and Joseph Roettier.
Four new denominations of gold coins were introduced, these were the five guinea, two guinea, guinea, and half guinea. The guinea was at first current for 20 shillings, with the other three denominations valued at their respective multiples, so that two guinea coins were valued at 40 shillings. We do not know what they were called when they were first issued, but they soon came to be known as guineas because some of them were produced from gold imported from Guinea by The Africa Company.

Clipping & Mounting
Although the five guineas had a lettered edge to help protect them from clipping, the two guinea pieces had a milled (grained) edge, for the same purpose.
It is very common to find coins in the guinea series mounted for wear as a pendant, and also with mount marks where a top mount has been soldered to the coin, and then subsequently removed. As a result, it is always worth checking the edge of all guineas for signs of mounting.
Naturally, if we see signs that a coin has been mounted, we always mention in in our grading description when offering it for sale.

We have a page about our grading, which can be accessed using the link in the table below, however we feel that it is worth talking more about grading on this page.
As you can see, we have graded this coin Very Fine on the obverse, and good Very Fine on the reverse. The collector from whom we bought this coin advises us that it was graded by John Welsh in 1990, as EF (Extremely Fine). Although we usually suppress our desire to comment directly and individually on other dealer's grading, we could not restrain ourselves this time, this dealer, although probably a decent chap, habitually overgrades almost every coin he sells. It's often quite frustrating buying a collection which has been sourced exclusively or substantially by J.W., as you know the collector has been mislead about grading, and probably thinks every coin he bought was a bargain. In the stated grades, they almost all would have been, but in more accurate grading, probably nearly all overpriced. We wish the coin was EF, and we would have been delighted to pay at least double for it. As it stands, it's still a very pleasant coin. Its edges seem nice and clean; as usual we have touched up our photographs. We do this with no deception in mind, and it is something we do with almost all our coin images. The photo's do actually give a pretty good likeness of the actual condition of the coin, however we would be happy to supply un-retouched photo's to interested buyers on request.

Price & Availability
DateDenominationDescriptionAvailableGradePrice £Price $
1677Two GuineasSecond Bust with Rounded Truncation, Plain AnglesYesVF / Good VF*£4,250$8,500


* Bought as EF

Coins Wanted - We Buy Two Guineas
We make an active market in almost all world coins, gold or otherwise, including British gold two guineas, coin of Charles II, and all gold coins, whether listed on this page or not. If you have any of these coins to sell, please contact us, or post them to us for appraisal and offer.

Cruciform Shields on Obverse of 1677 Gold Two Guineas
Cruciform Shields on Obverse of 1677 Gold Two Guineas

Two Guineas Index

Charles II on Obverse of 1677 Gold Two Guineas
Charles II on Obverse of 1677 Gold Two Guineas


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