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1609 Scottish Gold Unit of James VI

James VI Ninth - Tenth Gold Coinage 1604 - 25

Struck only during the Reign of James VI and Charles I, the gold unit came about as the result of James VI's accession to the English Throne and it's design and concept follow that of the English Gold Unite very closely indeed. In fact the differences are that minimal that slight changes to the order of arms on the reverse shield and the style of the bust are the the main ways to differenciate between the two. Although not always clear as to be immediately obvious, all Scottish units have a thistle as a mintmark.

The coin we offer for sale here is a unit from the tenth gold coinage of James VI. The Scottish version is a lot rarer than its English counter-part; a fact noted by various authoratative catalogues. This makes a higher than 'Fine' graded Unit quite difficult to find, meaning collectors of hammered gold would find this coin a very unique purchase indeed.

Half length portrait of James VI facing right, wearing the Scottish crown and holding orb and sceptre.
James by the grace of God King of Great Britain, France and Ireland.

Crowned shield of arms, with Scottish arms in the first and fourth quarters (top left and bottom right)
A thistle mintmark can be seen to the right of the crown, before the start of the legend (inscription):
I will make them one nation

A thistle mintmark can be seen to the right of the crown, before the start of the legend (inscription).
Although this was also used on some of James' coinage, here it denotes the fact that this was a Scottish issue, as opposed to an English Unite.
One other small clue is the use of the ampersand (&) instead of the Latin word ET.
This coin is from James VI's tenth gold coinage issue.

Stock and Prices
DescriptionGradeStockPrice £Price $
James VI Gold UnitVFSold£1,250$2375

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James VI on Obverse of 1609 Scottish Gold Unit
James VI on Obverse of 1609 Scottish Gold Unit


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Reverse of 1609 Scottish Gold Unit

Reverse of 1609 Scottish Gold Unit


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