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Gold Coins of Switzerland

Swiss 20 Francs


Technical specifications of Swiss gold 20 franc coins.
20 Francs21.26.4516.9000.1867


Denomination = Face value
Diameter = Approximate Diameter in millimetres.
Weight = Weight in grams.
Alloy = Fineness of gold.
AGW = Actual fine gold weight in troy ounces.

20 Francs Types

There are two different types of Swiss 20 franc coins.
The first type Liberty -Helvetia had now got its own page on our website.


The second type known as "Vreneli" or "Vrenelli" has a female head with plaited hair, a garland of flowers (edelweiss?), with mountains behind, And the inscription HELVETIA above. The reverse has a swiss cross on a more ornate shield superimposed on an oak branch with ribbons. The value 20 FR appears at the sides of the shield, and the date below. This type was issued from 1897 to 1935, then again in 1947 and 1949. The model for the portrait was Francoise Engli.

Switzerland 20 Francs - Our Choice

Quantity Premium % Surcharge Rate Buy
1 10.00 £0.00 £154.00 Click here to add this item to your cart
10 6.00 £0.00 £149.00 Click here to add this item to your cart
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Prices & Availability

Sample prices based on gold at £700 per ounce. Please call us for current pricing.
The prices quoted in the US $ column may be out of date due to currency fluctuations.
DateDenominationDescriptionGradeMintageAvailablePrice £Price $
189720 FrancsVrenelli - HelvetiaAlmost Uncirculated400,000Yes£164$276
189820 FrancsVrenelli - HelvetiaAlmost Uncirculated400,000Yes£164$276
189920 FrancsVrenelli - HelvetiaAlmost Uncirculated300,000Yes£164$276
190020 FrancsVrenelli - HelvetiaAlmost Uncirculated400,000Yes£164$276
190120 FrancsVrenelli - HelvetiaAlmost Uncirculated500,000Sold£$
190220 FrancsVrenelli - HelvetiaUncirculated600,000Sold£164$276
190320 FrancsVrenelli - HelvetiaAlmost Uncirculated200,000Sold£$
190420 FrancsVrenelli - HelvetiaAlmost Uncirculated100,000Yes£164$276
190520 FrancsVrenelli - HelvetiaAlmost Uncirculated100,000Sold£$
190620 FrancsVrenelli - HelvetiaAlmost Uncirculated100,000Sold£164$276
190720 FrancsVrenelli - HelvetiaAlmost Uncirculated150,000Sold£$
190820 FrancsVrenelli - HelvetiaUncirculated355,000Yes£164$276
190920 FrancsVrenelli - HelvetiaAlmost Uncirculated400,000Yes£164$276
191020 FrancsVrenelli - HelvetiaUncirculated375,000Sold£164$276
191120 FrancsVrenelli - HelvetiaAlmost Uncirculated350,000Sold£$
191220 FrancsVrenelli - HelvetiaUncirculated450,000Sold£164$276
191320 FrancsVrenelli - HelvetiaUncirculated700,000Sold£164$276
191420 FrancsVrenelli - HelvetiaUncirculated700,000Sold£164$276
191520 FrancsVrenelli - HelvetiaAlmost Uncirculated750,000Yes£164$276
191620 FrancsVrenelli - HelvetiaAlmost Uncirculated300,000Yes£164$276
192220 FrancsVrenelli - HelvetiaUncirculated2,784,000Yes£164$276
192520 FrancsVrenelli - HelvetiaAlmost Uncirculated400,000Sold£$
192620 FrancsVrenelli - HelvetiaAlmost Uncirculated50,000Yes£$
192720 FrancsVrenelli - HelvetiaUncirculated5,015,000Yes£157$264
193020 FrancsVrenelli - HelvetiaUncirculated3,372,000Yes£157$264
193520 FrancsVrenelli - HelvetiaUncirculated20,009,000Yes£157$264
194720 FrancsVrenelli - HelvetiaUncirculated9,200,000Ask£157$264
194920 FrancsVrenelli - HelvetiaUncirculated10,000,000Sold£157$264
Our Choice20 FrancsVrenelli - HelvetiaSelected Yes£150$252
Our Choice20 FrancsVrenelli - HelvetiaBullion Grade Yes£144$242

Vreneli or Vrenelli?

Of course, the correct spelling for this coin, and name, is Vreneli not Vrenelli, so why do we give the correct and the incorrect spellings? When we first created this page, we got it wrong. Not being German speakers, and having no friends called Vreneli, we simply failed to consider that there should only be one "L" not two; you may notice that the name of this page includes the incorrect spelling. At some stage, we noticed our error and corrected it in most places. You may wonder why we keep the incorrect spelling also. It's mainly for findability. If we got it wrong, there must be many others who also mis-spell this name. It helps search engines and real people to retain both spellings. When we added this paragraph there were about 9,380 Google results for Vrenelli, and about 56,300 for Vreneli. Although this means that most people would find our pages, up to 17% may not find our pages. As we have also taken the time and effort to state the correct spelling, we hope at least a few people will find our pages and information useful.
We are grateful to Verena (Vreni) Welser of Switzerland for pointing out that we had not corrected the error on all relevant pages. We also did not realise that Vreni itself was short for Verena. Of course we are familiar with the name Vreni Schneider the world famous Swiss skier, but again did not realise until we came to write this, that her actual name is also Verena. We learn something every day!

Postage & Packing

UK Registered Post (Special Delivery) £9 per order
EU Insured Post £10 per order
USA Airmail $10 per order
USA Insured Shipping $20 per order

Swiss Silver and Base Metal Coins

For silver and base metal coins of Switzerland, please look at our original Chard Coins website.
Obverse of 1900 Vrenelli Swiss 20 Francs

Obverse of 1900 Vrenelli Swiss 20 Francs


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Reverse of 1900 Vrenelli Swiss 20 Francs

Reverse of 1900 Vrenelli Swiss 20 Francs

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