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Misleading Adverts

Money for Gold ( Garry Bryant
One of the biggest scrap gold TV advertisers was, Garry Bryant. Money for Gold actually offer some of the lowest prices anywhere.
Which? reported it as one of 4 gold buying companies paying much lower prices than pawnbrokers or high strret jewellers.
They and the Office of Fair Trading also criticised them and other T.V. advertisers for their poor customer service.

OFT Enquiry into Postal Scrap Gold Buying Companies
Published the same day as the Which? report.
According to the OFT, Money for Gold have stopped trading.

Who's Who?
Trying to find out who owns some companies or websites is often more difficult than one would expect. We believe any reputable company would make it easy to find this infomation easy to find.
We did a simple Nominet domain look, shown below. This seems to show that somebody called Garry Bryant, presumably the name of a real person, is actually a UK Limited compnay, but lives in Florida. Very confusing!
To try and make things clearer, we did a Companies House search on the company registration number shown in the domain search. This is also shown below, but makes things more confusing, as it names a compnay called Leadcreations UK Limited in Hertfordshire; but is does show the company was dissolved in June 2011, and submitted no accounts.

Domain Lookup

Domain name:
Registrant: Garry Bryant
Registrant type: UK Limited Company, (Company number: 6820368)
Registrant's address:
595 South Federal Highway, Suite 600
Boca Raton
United States
Relevant dates:
Registered on: 21-Sep-2004
Renewal date: 21-Sep-2012
Last updated: 29-Oct-2010
Registration status:
Registered until renewal date.
Name servers:
WHOIS lookup made at 20:05:20 06-Jul-2011

Companies House Search

Name & Registered Office:
Company No. 06820368
Status: Dissolved 07/06/2011
Date of Incorporation: 16/02/2009
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Company Type: Private Limited Company
Nature of Business (SIC(03)): 7487 - Other business activities
Accounting Reference Date: 28/02
Last Accounts Made Up To: (NO ACCOUNTS FILED)
Next Accounts Due: Last Return Made Up To: 16/02/2010
Next Return Due:
Last Members List: 16/02/2010
Previous Names:
No previous name information has been recorded over the last 20 years.
UK Establishment Details
There are no UK Establishments associated with this company.
Oversea Company Info
There are no Oversea Details associated with this company.

Money4Gold UK's F.,A.Q. page is as illuminating as its domain registrations:

Money4Gold UK
is no longer accepting new customers.
Existing customers, please call our customer service line at 0800 043 GOLD (4653) for continuing service.
Guaranteed* Highest Payout For Your Unwanted or Broken Gold
Q - Why canít we get a quote on the phone or the website?
A - The price of gold fluctuates on a daily basis. Also, until our trained staff analyses an item and performs a test on the material, we have no way of independently verifying that the item is as it is represented to us. Since any price we would quote in advance of receiving your items would be different from the actual offer, we simply avoid this practice.
Q - How do we know our items will make it to you?
A - We use the Royal Mail to deliver our packages. When you receive your G-PAK you will be provided with a tracking number, which you can use to track your delivery through to the day it is received in our processing facility. The tracking number can be checked from our website When entering your tracking number, please make sure to not enter any spaces or dashes.
Q - What is a "G-PAK"?
A - The G-PAK is comprised of all the materials you will need to send in your items to our processing facility. It contains a pouch, a tear-free special delivery envelope and a form on which you provide us with your payment information so that we know where to send your cheque. We provide you with all the materials you need and pay the cost of delivery and insurance.
Q - What type of items can I send in?
A - We accept anything containing gold, silver, platinum, palladium and other precious metals, such as necklaces, charms, bracelets, rings, earrings, cufflinks, pins or other jewellery. Coins, collectibles, decorative pieces, silver flatware or similar items are also acceptable. If it contains precious metals, we can refine it... even dental work!
Q - Can I send in stones/precious gems?
A - Although we accept items containing precious gems and other stones, we are not in the business of recycling these items. If you plan to send in an item that contains a stone which you believe to be valuable, we strongly recommend removing the stone prior to sending it in to us.
Q - How long does it take to process my cheque?
A - Your cheque will be processed within 48 hours of your items being appraised. Please allow sufficient time for the Royal Mail service to deliver your cheque to you.
Q - What happens if I change my mind?
A - Money4Gold offers a satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy with the amount you receive for your jewellery, simply call us and return the cheque so that it arrives in our offices within ten (10) days of the date that appears on the cheque. After we receive your cheque, your items will be returned to you within 15 days.
Q - What happens if I forget to call and return my cheque?
A - In the event we do not receive a call from you and our cheque is not returned within ten (10) days, we will process the property you have sent to us. Once processed, the property cannot be recovered.
Q - Does Money4Gold return my non-precious items?
A - Items not containing precious metals will not be returned by Money4Gold unless you request that these items are returned to you at your expense. In such cases, Money4Gold will charge £9.95 to cover return postage and processing in order to return items not containing precious metals to you.
Q - How can I reach you with other questions?
A - Feel free to call us 0800 043 GOLD (4653) anytime or send an email to

You Cannot Be Serious!
John McEnroe would have said that Money4Gold UK cannot be serious when it makes statements like:

  • The price of gold fluctuates on a daily basis.
    Quite wrong, it fluctuates constantly as any real gold bullion dealers would know.
  • Since any price we would quote in advance of receiving your items would be different from the actual offer, we simply avoid this practice.
    We suspect it's because nobody in their right mind would post it to you if they knew what a low price you were offering. Most dealers can and will quote indicative or provisional prices.
  • Double "G" Guarantee. Find a higher price and we'll double it.
    No they won't. When you read though the small print on their Guarantee page, they will only operate this guarantee compared with other TV advertisers, all of whom are know to pay such rip=off prices, that even at double, it's still legalised robbery.
  • Guaranteed* Highest Payout For Your Unwanted or Broken Gold
    More lies and deception. They will only beat offers from similar rip-off companies, and only if supported by written evidence, and other conditions.

Scrap Gold Selling Advice
Our simple advice about selling scrap gold jewellery in the UK and elsewhere. Avoid get ripped off.

Scrap Gold Buying Rip Off
Many jewellers & dealers advertising to buy scrap gold jewellery in the UK are ripping people off with low prices & misleading claims. We contribute our advice and expert opinion.

Our Conclusions and Advice
Over more than 40 years in this business, we have seen a stream of similar money buyers, advertisers, and leafleteers, most of whom pay low prices. We would recommend that any potential seller shops round a little. If you are not satisfied by the price you can get locally, you could always post it or bring it to us, and will almost certainly get a better price than from your local jewellers and dealers.

Any Quantity
We are happy to buy any quantity of scrap, from a single piece upwards, without limit.
If you have a large quantity of gold scrap to sell, we will accept your instructions on price, or offer you helpful advice on selling. We are one of the longest established and largest gold buyers in Britain.

Fair and Competitive Prices
Our buying prices for gold coins, bars and scrap are fair and competitive, but depend and change based on underlying gold prices, and other market conditions such as supply and demand.

Sending Gold Scrap by Post
You are welcome to visit our showroom to sell scrap, but it's also very easy to sell to us using the post. We have a page of advice about sending gold coins and scrap by post.
We suggest you bring ID if visiting our showroom.

Gold Selling Form
You may wish to print out our form to help make it easy for you to list goods you are posting to us for sale or offer.

We Buy Gold Coins

We Buy Krugerrands

We Buy Gold Sovereigns

We Buy Gold Bars

Money4gold Official Website
Money4gold Official Website
"The trusted place in the UK to Sell Gold Jewelry and earn Cash"

Money4gold's 'Guarantee'
Money4gold's "Guarantee"
"The trusted place in the UK to Sell Gold Jewelry and earn Cash "


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