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Gold Silver Price Ratio & Value
The price ratio between gold and silver has varied considerably in the past 5 years. Our summary table, and thoughts about value investing in precious metals. Highest Historical Silver Bullion Price & Lowest Recent Silver Price
The all-time high dollar price ( based on London fix), for silver was hit on 18th January 1980 at $49.45 (21.65) per troy ounce fuelled by Nelson Bunker Hunt's cornering of the market.
Silver then hit a post Bunker Hunt low of $3.54750 or £1.83250 per ounce on 25th February 1991.
In late 2010, silver broke through a 30 year high of $30 per ounce, and in 2011 it continued to rocket, fixing at $48.70 per ounce on 28th April 2011, although over the U.K. bank holiday weekend of 29th April to 2nd May, it traded up to about $49.80, which would have beaten the 1980 all-time dollar high

Sterling Highs
The sterling London silver fix on 18th January 1980 was 21.65050.
Silver broke though this barrier on 7th March 2011, fixing at 22.42650 in pounds sterling (G:S 39.27), before hitting a peak, so far, of 29.25800 on 28th April 2011. at which point the Gold Silver Ratio hit its 2001 low of 31.48.

Silver Too High or Gold Too Low?
Considering that as recently as 2008/2009, the Gold Silver Ratio was over 80:1, we believe the ratio is now too low at around 40:1.
At these prices levels, we would ditch silver, and buy gold.
We would not be surprised to see silver hitting new highs, such is the enthusiasm of the silver bugs and bulls, and we may yet see new all-time dollar highs for silver, perhaps, in mid to late 2011, but we would not expect it to hold those price levels, unless gold prices also rise significantly, in which case the Gold:Silver ratio would stay relatively high.
To try and summarise this, we believe the Gold:Silver ratio might test new recent lows, but our own forecast is for it to bounce back from low levels (under 40), to higher ground, perhaps 50+.
The simplest, and possibly most reliable tool for gauging silver's price performance and speculative potential, is the Gold:Silver ratio.

Our Money
We usually put our money where our mouth is, and we disposed of 350 kilos of silver in mid April. Unfortunately, we then acquired a further 200 kilos in the next week, and were about to unload it, when silver wobbled hard over the long holiday weekend. We had considered selling this on Thursday 28th April, as were were expecting delivery of it on Saturday 30th. We are often cautious about selling bullion before we receive delivery from private investors, so this was the main factor holding us back. The decision cost us about 40,000 over the weekend. Furthermore, we would then have been buying again at around the 20 level within two weeks. Silver bottomed out at 19.97660 on 12th May 2011, and our stock of one ounce silver Austrian Philharmonikers was due for replenishment. We are expected to take them in multiples of 5,000 pieces (100,000+ at these levels).

Live Spot Gold Silver Ratio
Currently the gold:silver ratio is:-

This market data is provided as a free service for indication or information only. We accept no liability for any errors. It is based on latest available middle spot prices per ounce in US dollars.

Historic Minimum Maximum & Mean Gold Silver Ratios 1970 - 2010
Summary of annualised monthly statistics.

2006 Gold Silver Price Ratio Table

2007 Gold Silver Price Ratio Table

2008 Gold Silver Price Ratio Table

2009 Gold Silver Price Ratio Table

2010 Gold Silver Price Ratio Table

2011 Gold Silver Price Ratio Table
Up to 27th May.

Silver Can be a Good Investment
If you buy silver on a high gold:silver ratio.

Gold Silver Price Ratios from 2006 to 2011
The price ratio between gold and silver has varied considerably in the past 5 years. Our summary table, and thoughts about value investing in precious metals.

Our page about silver as an investment.

Spot Silver Prices
Live spot silver prices in pounds sterling (GBP).

UK One Ounce Gold Britannia

UK One Ounce Gold Britannia

British One Ounce Silver Britannia

British One Ounce Silver Britannia

Other Gold Prices
You may prefer to use some of the other gold price pages on our site. These have a limited selection of prices, but using a larger display which makes them easier to read.

All Gold Prices
Gold prices in 11 major currencies, but harder to read because of smaller font.


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