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Physical Dimensions of Gold Bars

We are frequently asked the physical dimensions of various weights of gold bars, we have provided a brief table showing typical measurements.
Please note that the dimensions of any particular weight of bar of extremely variable. Cast bars tend to be much deeper than stamped (coined) bars, and therefore are usually smaller in length and width.

Typical Gold Bar Dimensions

All dimensions are in millimetres. To convert to inches, divide by 24.
400 Ounce2008045
1 Kilo804018
500 Grams653214
250 Grams552510
100 Grams55313
50 Grams45252.3
1 Ounce42242
20 Grams39221.3
10 Grams31181
5 Grams23140.7
1 Gram1580.4

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We Sell Gold Bars

We Sell Gold Bars

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