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British Gold Proof Commemorative Crowns
In 1990, The Royal Mint started issuing British commemorative crowns in gold proof versions for collectors. We buy & sell these, and other coins at competitive prices.
This page is an index of these issues, and excludes the traditional gold five pound coins, which we now term quintuple sovereigns.

Crowns were originally silver coins with a face value or denomination of five shillings. They are, or were, our largest circulating coin for many centuries. First issued in 1551, they have continued in production to the present day. The last issue which was extensively used in circulation was that of 1902. Although a few worn coins of later dates turn up, most of them were never circulated, as people tended to keep them as souvenirs, and they have increasingly been used to commemorate special occasions.
In 1990, two things happened to crowns. Firstly all new issued were re-tariffed as five pounds instead of five shillings or their decimal equivalent twenty five pence, secondly, the Mint started to produce and market collector versions in silver and gold proof editions.
This page is exclusively for these new gold proof commemorative five pound crowns.

Since 1820, there have been eight issues of gold five pound coins, three of which entered into spasmodic circulation, and the newly promoted crowns issued from 1990 onwards can easily be confused with the original quintuple sovereigns, as we now term the non-crown gold five pounds. To add to the confusion, the Mint have also been in the habit, since 1980 of issuing old quintuple sovereigns in proof, "brilliant uncirculated", and "bullion" versions.
Many people now think all crown are five pounds, which is not true, others believe all five pounds are crowns, which is also inaccurate.

Gold Proof Commemorative £5 Crown Coins For Sale:-
Prices & Availability
All prices are subject to gold bullion price fluctuations.
DateTypeVersionIssue LimitMintageIssue £Stock
1993Coronation 40th Anniversary CrownProof2,5002,500£595Yes
1996Queen's 70th Birthday CrownProof2,7502,127£595Yes
1997Golden Wedding CrownProof2,7502,574£595Ask
1997Golden Wedding Crown & £50 Note EP50Proof150TBA£Yes
1998Prince Charles 50th Birthday CrownProof2,000773£595Ask
1998Prince Charles 50th Birthday Crown & £50 Note PW50Proof100TBA£Yes
1999Princess Diana MemorialProof7,5007,500£595Ask
1999Millennium CrownProof2,5002,500£595Yes
2000Millennium CrownProof2,5001,487£495Yes
2000Queen Mother Centenary CrownProof3,0003,000£495Yes
2001Victorian EraProof3,5002,098£525Yes
2001Victorian Anniversary Reverse FrostingProof750733£?Ask
2002Golden JubileeProof3,5003,272£525Yes
2002Queen Mother MemorialProof3,0002,086£555Yes
2003Coronation 50th AnniversaryProof2,7501,860£535Yes
2004Entente CordialeProof1,5001,500?£555Ask
2005Battle of TrafalgarProof1,8051,805£575Yes
2006Queen's 80th BirthdayProof2,7502,750£775Yes
2007Queen & Prince Philip's Diamond WeddingProof 2,380£775Yes
2008450th Anniversary of the Accession of Queen Elizabeth IProof2,5001,500£925Yes
2008Prince Charles' 60th BirthdayProof1,500867£795Yes
20091509 - 2009 500th Anniversary of Accession of Henry VIII in 1509Proof1509 £1,195Yes
20092012 London Olympics Countdown -3Proof4,000 £1,245Yes
2010Restoration of the MonarchyProof1,200?£1,350Yes
20102012 London Olympics Countdown -2Proof3,000 £1,575Ask
2011Royal WeddingProof3,000 £1,550Yes
2011Prince Philip's 90th BirthdayProof1,200 £1,550Yes
20112012 London Olympics Countdown -1Proof3,000 £1,599Ask
2012Diamond JubileeProof3,850 £2,400Yes
20122012 London OlympicsProof5,000 £2,880Yes
20122012 London ParalympicsProof5,000 £2,880Yes
201360th Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's CoronationProof  £AskAsk
2015Longest Reigning MonarchProof  £AskAsk
2016Queen Elizabeth II 90th BirthdayProof  £AskAsk

All the above coins come complete with original box and certificate as originally issued unless marked *.
* (In Date Column) = Coins which were only issued as part of a complete proof set. These do not have box or certificate which obviously would only come with the complete set, which we have split.
* (In Mintage Column) = Quantity issued separately, additional coins issued in gold coin sets.
V* = 1994 Proof Without Box and Certificate.
Bullion* = Uncirculated, not boxed.
B.U. = Brilliant Uncirculated with box and certificate.

You may wish to use our order form.

Postage & Packing
UK Registered Post (Special Delivery) £9 per order, plus £1 per £1,000
EU Insured Post £10 per order, plus £1 per £1,000
USA Airmail $10,
Insured Shipping $20, plus $1 per $1,000
Canada Airmail $15,
Insured Shipping $30, plus $1 per $1,000

Obverse of 2008 Gold Proof Crown
Obverse of Gold Proof Crown

Five Pounds Information

	Reverse of 2004 Entente Cordial Gold Proof Crown
Reverse of 2004 Entente Cordial Gold Proof Crown

Reverse of 2006 Queen's 80th Birthday Gold Proof Crown
Reverse of 2006 Queen's 80th Birthday Gold Proof Crown

Reverse of 2007 Gold Proof Crown - Diamond Wedding Anniversary
Reverse of 2007 Diamond Wedding Anniversary Gold Proof Crown


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