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As our site has grown, we have had to create a "Contents" page for easy navigation of our site. You can also click on the countries link, or the alphabetical contents grid near the top of the right hand column.

Longest Reigning Monarch Coins

Queen Elizabeth becomes the longest reigning monarch on 10th September, 2015. Here we have some of the most popular coins commemorating the event.

2016 Gold Coins

The newest 2016 gold coins from the world's leading mints.

Top Ten Special Offers and Best Deals

Stock clearance - proof coins at bullion prices - even bigger savings!

2015 Sovereigns - New Fifth Portrait

For the first time in over 100 years there will be two proof sovereign designs released in 2015. For more information on the new fifth portrait sovereign, please see our 2015 Fifth Portrait Sovereigns page.

2015 Sovereigns - Fourth Portrait In Stock Now!

We have received our delivery of 2015 bullion sovereigns. For more information, please see our 2015 Fourth Portrait Sovereigns page.

2015 Gold Coins

2015 gold coins from the world's leading mints. For more information see our 2015 Gold Coins page.

New Lower Premiums

We've lowered the premiums on your favourite products, including sovereigns, Britannias and krugerrands.

2014 Gold Coins

For more information of 2014 gold issues as we receive it, please see our 2014 Gold Coins page.

2013 Sovereigns - Proof and Uncirculated In Stock Now!

We have received our deliveries of the 2013 Sovereign - proof and uncirculated, 2013 Proof Half Sovereigns and the 2013 Proof Quarter Sovereigns.

2013 Gold Coins

View all of our 2013 Gold Coins on one page.

Foreign Exchange - The Best Rates in Town

Many of our customers choose to pay in Euros (cash) so we often have a surplus of Euros in our safe - and even if we don't, we can still get them for you. We openly admit that we charge 2% commission but our rates are still the best we could find. We are also able to supply Dollars (at equally competitive rates) to order.

Diamond Jubilee One Kilo Gold Coin - Save 20,000!

You can't buy this anywhere else in Europe, or America - in fact anywhere outside of Australia! See this page for more details!

2012 UK Gold Issues

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Gold Proof 5 Crown in stock - 250 off the issue price!
The 2012 Britannia is reverting back to the classic standing Britannia, as seen in four previous years.
A new interpretation of the St George and the Dragon reverse has been commissioned especially for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. In stock now! 2012 Sovereigns, 2012 Half Sovereigns, 2012 Quarter Sovereigns, 2012 Five Coin Set

2012 Olympic Coins - In Stock Now!
The first of four coins to be issued by the Royal Mint for the Countdown to the 2012 Olympic Games, 2009 Gold Proof £5. Also, released last year is the Handover Ceremony £2.


On Friday 2nd September a diamond ring was stolen from our Blackpool showroom. DO YOU KNOW THIS MAN?.

Silver Bugs

Silver is not usually recommended for investment in the UK as it is subject to VAT. However, it can be a good investment. Our recommendations can be found on our silver page, from 1oz coins to 1kg bars! Obviously you will not find silver on here so you will need to visit our original website

Beware the £1 Billion Scrap Gold Buying Rip Off

In the last few months we have seen a proliferation of adverts, leaflets and flyers to buy scrap gold "Top Prices Paid", "London Prices Paid", are typical claims. Many of these are from small traders actually paying very low prices despite their loud noises. We also buy scrap gold and pay more than 99% of our competitors. Don't get ripped off! We were recently featured in the Mail on Sunday's article 'Gold Fever'. We also have a Scrap Gold Sellers Advice page.

Gold Investment Advice
A page giving very simple advice about investing in gold, with links to other useful pages.

Which Gold Investment?
A section of our website giving general advice about investment in gold, particularly what form of physical gold to buy.

Instant World Gold Coin Collection
For investors who would like a little more variety, or collectors with not enough time, we can now offer an instant world gold coin collection.

Antique Coins for the Price of Bullion Coins
It is possible to buy older, original gold coins for similar prices to modern bullion coins. Antique value for nothing!

Buying & Selling
In the past few weeks, we have had a number of people ask us where they can sell gold coins. Naturally we both buy and sell. It seemed so obvious to us that we didn't think we needed to mention it.

One Ounce Coins versus "Real" Coins
It's easy to believe that one ounce coins offer the best value, but older "real" coins such as sovereigns can be a better buy.

22 Carat versus 24 Carat Coins
We are often asked which are the better buy, but both types of one ounce coins contain exactly the same amount of gold.

Gold Price Chart & Graph
We are always being asked for gold price charts. Here is our chart showing low high and monthly average London gold fix prices from 1975 to 2000 in US Dollars per troy ounce.

The Most Popular Bullion Coins
Select from the most popular gold bullion coins available. Photographs of popular bullion coins.

British Gold Coin Sets
The VAT exemption benefits collectors of proof gold coin sets. Information About British Gold Proof Sets.   British Gold Proof Sets For Sale

Gold Collectors' Coins - £5 - Also VAT Free
The VAT exemption also applies to most gold collectors' coins. Information About Gold Five Pounds & Gold Crowns.   Gold £5's for Sale.

Gold Collectors' Coins - £2 - Also VAT Free
The VAT exemption also applies to most gold collectors' coins. Information About Gold Two Pounds & Double Sovereigns.   Gold £2's for Sale.

Gold Britannias - In Stock Now
We can now offer all 4 sizes of gold Britannia bullion coins from stock. Information About Britannias.   Britannias for Sale.

Canadian Maples
We can now offer all 4 sizes of gold Canadian maple leaf bullion coins from stock. Information About Maples.   Maples for Sale

Gold Eagles
We can now offer all 4 sizes of American gold eagle bullion coins from stock. Information About Eagles.   Eagles for Sale.

Gold Nuggets
We can now offer all 4 sizes of gold Australian nugget bullion coins from stock. Information About Nuggets.   Nuggets for Sale.

Gold Philharmonicas
We can now offer all 4 sizes of Austrian gold Philharmoniker bullion coins from stock. Information About Philharmonicas.   Philharmonicas for Sale.

Other World Gold Coins - A Selection
We frequently have small quantities of various gold coins from around the world. Some are modern issues, some proof, others are older circulation type coins. Other World Coins

A Brief History of Gold Coins
From Lydia in about 643 B.C. through four millennia to the present day. We present a brief history of gold coins.

VAT Abolished on Investment Gold
VAT was abolished on all investment gold as from midnight December 31st 1999 in the UK and all other EU member states. News about investment gold.

Includes Gold Bars & Gold Coins
This change includes gold bars and gold coins.
This means most gold bars of at least 99.5% fineness, gold sovereigns, Krugerrands, Britannias, maples, eagles, and more.

Official Customs & Excise Notice
The official Notice 701/21 from HM Customs & Excise was issued on December 22nd 1999. It includes full definitions of "Investment Gold" It is not easy to read, but we reproduce a copy here for your convenience.

What Is Investment Gold?
For the purpose of the new VAT exemption, investment gold is explained briefly.

Official List of Exempt Coins
The official Notice 701/21a from HM Customs & Excise was issued on December 22nd 1999. It includes a full list of exempt coins. It is not easy to read, but we reproduce a copy here for your convenience.

Simplified List of Investment Gold Coins
As the full official list is slightly difficult to follow, we have provided an easier version.

VAT Was Introduced in 1973 on Gold Coins
For the first time in over 27 years, United Kingdom residents will be able to purchase gold as an investment without the imposition of VAT
The BNTA, British Numismatic Trade Association was formed in 1973 by the major UK dealers in order to liaise with Customs & Excise about VAT on coins, whether antique, modern, gold, silver or base metal.more...

A Guide To Investing In Gold
The World Gold Council published an illustrated 20 page brochure "A Guide To Investing In Gold". We have copies available on request.

Gold Coins
One of the best ways of investing in physical gold is to buy gold coins.

Buying Gold
We try to give you lots of practical advice about buying gold.

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For Sale
We buy & sell most types of investment gold coins and gold bars.

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